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    Quick match carry

    So what heroes do you play to win in quick match?

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    Probius, definitely.

    But on more serious note - Blaze
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    Generally heroes with great waveclear and/or split pushing ability.
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    Heroes who can take camps at a reasonable spee, resist teamfights and have global abilities.

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    Varian... People still have no idea how to play against him in most situations, like when you pick provocation or colossus smash. People know how to deal with him, when pick twin blades of bronze.
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    When they release this frankenstein QOL filled abberation and none of the "We want Vanilla back" crowd play it and stay on the private servers, Derp Derpleton and his posse will be crowing "SEE YOU THINK YOU DO BUT YOU DON'T NYA HAAA HAA"
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    Trebuchets new meta.

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    Sylvannas for sure because of that early push and heavy siege damage and Varian because he can solo heroes very easy.

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    Tracer, any specialist with strong wave-push, varian sometimes right now Maiv because that cunt can create wombo combos with literally any hero.

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    First off, thanks for all the replies - really appreciated.

    I agree with Tracer but I thought there are some niche-Heroes that have multi-purpose without locking that "slot". I realized that MM is picking 1:1 - if you have 2 specialists in your team, chanced are high (I think almost 100% for me) that enemy will also have two specialists. So since some specialists are way better than others and abuse the weakness of most QM players to do lanes properly I don't want to play against specialists at all but instead soak lanes with an Assassine who is good for solo laning.

    Same goes for dive and stealth assassins, both sharing their own slot. Taking a zeratul will open op the possibility fighting vs Tracer and reverse. Picking Butcher enables Maiev..

    Another thing is healers, only very few are actually really good in meta, most have conditions (as requiring second healer, draft around that healer etc.) and some weaknesses are not abused or strengths used. I find Lili is much stronger than any other support in quick match since she deals best with bad players and drafts - very different from hero league.

    So I thought their is a best-in-qm-slot kind of list somewhere, cause I cannot be the only guy who figured this out.

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    Used to win almost anything with murky... since the turret changes I shifted to azmo. If you wanna win qm easily just take a decent spec. because there is a low lvl of cooperation needed for it to work. If you are medic paired with 4 morons you cant really do anything.

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    Varian, easily.

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