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    Too busy laughing at the photoshop edit. Oh my god.

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    Kul'Tiran rig will be used for Mok'Nathal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by serendipity11 View Post
    I like the idea. But there better be a 2 headed option... Then my mage becomes a two headed female ogre of pure ARCANE POWAH!!!!!!!
    But do you need to wear two head pieces then?

    Ogre racial "Two-headed": allows you to wear a second head slot item for 50% of its usual effect
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    Fingers crossed.

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    If they wanted they could actually make it work storywise in this expansion. Remember that in several instances Ogres were referred as navigators, from the Gorian Empire to WC2.
    To make up for the sunk Golden Fleet, they could make us meet some Holy Gorian Empire fleet roaming the oceans of Azeroth.

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    At this point I'm not sure if Allied Races will continue beyond the thematics of BFA. Could be right though on just a race in general. Nice observation.

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    I like the evidence

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