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    They’d be welcome to me, better that wet goblins and robot gnomes at lest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevarin View Post
    but now i have a question for you.... why do more races bother you?
    in case u missed what i said in exact post, because i spent 6 month in WoD and i still couldn't kill even just 50 dwarf, imagine trying to do any achievement like that with even less dwarfs
    wow still has many achievements that require specific class/race combos, either they remove it (and expect backlash of course) or stop the new race
    also without new classes new races are just waste of effort, unless they give us free race chance and the greediest human in history will probably die from even hint about that, he didn't fire 15% of his staff to increase his already highest overpayed paycheck just to give something for free
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    Thrall 7:20+ "Alliance remaining super power", clearly blizz favor horde too much, that they made alliance the super power

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    When I see trash like junker gnomes and potentially gilgoblins, I have to lean towards yes purely because at least they're something interesting.

    That being said if I had to choose between vulpera or nothing, I'd choose nothing. I don't really like them at all, and would rather not see them playable.

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    Aside from the more recent posts complaining about Vulpera being added. In all honesty more elves exist in this game than furries for this to even be an issue, so I'm behind supporting Vulpera all the way.

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    More than aqua goblins, that's for sure.

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    As a horde player since launch, i cant wait for vulpera. horde needs a non-hideous small race.

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    Another joke race... My answer is no.

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    Annoying cutesy race that are too samey to goblins with weak lore (similar to void elves) in appearance. Hard pass.

    I'm down for almost any race if it has interesting and strong lore paired with an interesting aesthetic.

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    I'm fine with it as long as Alliance get a decent race to counter it other than robotic shitty gnomes.

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    Yeah, I think they are cool.
    As long as they get thier own animations and not just the goblin ones that I don't really like.

    New animations makes races more unique to me rather than the actual models or looks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prozach View Post
    Yes, the game should never evolve. Should just be 8 races again.
    There are more than 8 races in Warcraft though.

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    I fear people voting no are mostly people thinking they will attract more furries or people who want kelfin (like rayofthesun) and feel threatened by them.
    Too bad there is so much hate for antromorphic beast races, I feel they add a lot of flavour and I want there to be a wide variety of races and cultures.

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    Nothing wrong with "furries" , anime is more of a sin than that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kymei View Post
    I don't mean to be rude, but you desperately need to take like a basic englsih class at a community college.
    Quote Originally Posted by Meat Rubbing Specialist View Post
    "banning overdoses" sounds hilarious. "Oi mate, u got a loicense for that Overdose?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Karlz0rz View Post
    And had he choked a man, no one would even bat an eye :P.
    The irony is so overwhelming, I could iron my shirts for an eternity!

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    If you guys are worried about furries in WoW just wait until the next PTR when they completely redo the female Worgen model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irian View Post
    When I see trash like junker gnomes and potentially gilgoblins, I have to lean towards yes purely because at least they're something interesting.
    Hey, lets be fair, even though Junker Gnomes look... lacking, they are one of those race that have a great potential lorewise (BRING THE IDEA OF UPGRADES TO THE ALLIANCE!, SO WE CAN HAVE A LIGHTFORGED HUMAN WITH A MECHA ARM AND EYE!)

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    Personally while I wouldn't play one I do enjoy them more than Giblin's as an allied race concept

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