hey there fellow wow players.

Finally caved in and got legion,havent played wow in a while so ill be leveling a fresh character.

I have an affinity for paladins so i used my boost on one so i can get him farming for mats and make some gold on the side.
I will also give dh a try,seems like a fun class to level with.

Im looking for a mature social pve guild (not into pvp...at all),wish i could get into raiding but,well due to personal issues i just dont have the time to commit to long raiding sessions.

My pops has severe kidnyey failure so i have to drive him up to dyalisis 3 times a week. I made him move in with me so i could take care of him so im on call like 24/7.

I retired from work pretty young so its not like im missing out on work.
But it does get a bit boring,to many hours in the day to fill so that is why i want to get back into wow.
I played some other mmos but beh...for one reason or the other i couldnt seem to get into them.

Well anyway i just plan on leveling some new characters,run a dungeon or two once in a while and not forget to get my rep up so i can try some of the new races when the next xpack hits the stores.

To be honest im all about questing and crafting,love farming for mats its something that really relaxes me and god knows that is what i need at the moment.

Im in my early 40's so im looking for a mature social guild with friendly people that like to use guild chat (tbh i hate having to look to an empty guild chat) im a lot into movies and tv series (helps to kill time having to be almost all day at home you know hehe),big star wars fan and i got a tattoo to prove it xd

feel free to msg me ingame to chat if you liked my post.

thanks for reading

p.s.i was born in spain but lived in canada for a long time. from day one when i started playing mmos i always played in english speaking servers,just feel more confortable in english.