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    Quote Originally Posted by Meat Rubbing Specialist View Post
    I find it kind of weird tbh, Blizzard is pushing things to make people stay in game for longer hours and such for their report Metrics.

    Why not make Legendaries Transmoggable? The absolute amount of people that would start logging in each week just to farm certain legendaries for Xmog would be crazy. I know I sure as hell would grind Shadowmourne out if it was xmoggable and not just a useless item that sits in my bank.
    Yeah, and the old "can't do it because of lore" reason has never been more invalid than now that quite literally every single paladin is the Highlord of the Silverhand, wielding the Ashbringer itself. At least the people who hunt down the legendaries have to earn them.

    By percentage of their respective populations, there are still way fewer demon hunters wielding the Warglaives of Azzinoth than there are paladins swinging around the Ashbringer. And that's even considering that the warglaives are more popular than the Ashbringer and that demon hunters only have two specs.

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    I'm still mad that they made an entirely new model for Frostmourne just to show us what they wouldn't be giving us.

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    I think the chances of this happening are... not even slim to none, more like non-existant. If this disappoints you then you might need to re-think your expectations for the game in general.

    Nothing major gets put in to the game nowdays without being PTR/Beta/Alpha tested, so unless it shows up there you don't even have to hope for it to be put in to the game. I suppose the one exception to that rule is Mythic-only phases to final tier bosses, but they're sort of being tested by the world first guilds and hotfixed live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholyground View Post
    7.1 is when they added it.
    The best I can find is it was allowed originally, removed, and then readded with 7.0.1, but it was bugged and didn't add it to the appearance tab.

    Either way, definitely not "recent"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester Joe View Post
    The best I can find is it was allowed originally, removed, and then readded with 7.0.1, but it was bugged and didn't add it to the appearance tab.

    Either way, definitely not "recent"
    7.1 since I have been able to do it, and that is all that matters lol.
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    The reason they did the xmog for the blades from the black temple was because it was in relation to the expansion I.E Illidan .. This was essentially Burning Crusade #2 ..It will probably and most likely be the only legendary they'll mog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jochon View Post
    Well, by the same logic the Death Knights are mean to be the pupils of the Lich King. The demon hunters and the death knights are both hero classes.
    Except that ship sailed way back in Wrath. So if it would've happened, that would've been the time to do. Not only that, Shadowmourne was unveiled late within the expansion. The fact they are both hero classes is moot. Besides, Shadowmourne could be wielded by Warriors and Paladins as well. You're missing a lot of the point,
    and it's not the same logic. I know you'll say something like, "Rogues can equip the glaives!!!" But they can't transmog them.

    Again, chances are pretty much null.

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    If it didn't happen with the mace from ulduar don't expect any others. The warglaives are an exception because of the theme of the expansion.
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    Ok I'm gonna up it a notch: Shadowmourne tmog AND it should be transmoggable for Frost; replacing the blades with one Shadowmourne.

    There is not enough money in the world to throw at Blizzard for those.
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    The warglaives were just so iconic. Shadowmourne not so much. Met plenty of players who farmed the warglaives over the years to just put them on and walk around with but not met anyone who wanted shadowmourne for same reasons. Maybe in the future who knows.
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    Not as fussed at getting the Shadowmourne look back as a transmog, but I'd kill for a toy or effect that gives me the old swirly souls from high stacks.

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