1. Times available & time zone:
7pm-12pm Central. Sun-Thursday. 3 Nights, interested in doing 4 nights for first few weeks of the tier.

2. Faction preference:
Horde only. Any server.

3. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual:
Hardcore/semi-hardcore. I'm competitive, and strive to be the best player I can possibly be. I look up strats, I look up logs. I find out the problem and optimize the solution. I want to get cutting edge achievements, and to get them before the content gets outdated. Overall, I want to be the player who you want to bring into the raid.

4. Current progression/experience:
9/11M. Looking for a guild that's somewhere close to that and that is committed to finishing the tier, as well as that's beginning to plan for BFA

5. Contact info:

6. Anything else:
You can check out my stream for VODs of my UI and gameplay. My username it "tidal_stream". I can't post links on this site yet.