Thread: Guess How Many?

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    Guess How Many?

    Guess how many games i have lost NOT-in-overtime, the past three days.
    I kept count.
    ALL the rest i lost due to overtime.

    I mean, its all good when the opponents plays better and we lose fair and square.
    I'm all ggwp and a fair mvp vote, honestly.

    But OVERTIME just makes me go berserk.
    Just because the opponent has nothing to lose, and yolo's ftw.

    Even when i win in overtime i'm shaking and i'm an asshole to anyone who talks to me.
    Now imagine when i lose in overtime...
    I am reminded every time why i quit this game and the come back at it, only to ragequit again.
    Freakin overtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    This mechanic is borderline-unfair and certainly un-fun.
    Definitelly not good for my mental health.

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    Since this thread is really just to vent, I'm closing it. This sort of post belongs in the Megathread.

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