View Poll Results: What best describes your voting attitude in Trial of Style?

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  • I vote for the person who I think matches the theme the best?

    101 68.24%
  • I vote randomly because I don't care and I just want tokens!

    4 2.70%
  • I vote for the sexiest character, regardless if they suit the theme or not.

    5 3.38%
  • I spread my votes out to reduce the chance that some might win more rounds than me.

    34 22.97%
  • I don't vote and let it time out.

    4 2.70%
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    I vote to the theme first and foremost.

    If the theme is ambiguous or everyone is in a similar place in terms of following (or not following) it, I'll just vote for what I think looks either the coolest or the most unique. I like silly mogs and those can often get an edge for me, but I dislike slutmogs and pretty much never vote for those.

    Slutmogs always seem to win though regardless.
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    I vote for uniqueness, both in race and transmog choice. If you're a human in full judgement or blood elf anything, you aren't getting my vote lol

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    In order of importance

    -Effort to fit theme
    -Good looking

    I also like mogs that look good for the race they are on, but that's least important.
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    >Best Armor

    Minor things i look that makes one loses my vote
    >They are using a full tier set

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    Quote Originally Posted by shade3891 View Post
    You guys consider player level when you vote? It's a lot harder pulling off a good transmog at low levels imo.
    Not really, depends on the theme and how many pieces of mog they have.I have few leather mogs and a managed to pull many good ones with low level stuff, including the one that granted me first place.
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    I vote for the one that fits the theme best and the variety of items used. The problem with the voting system is that you don't go up against every other player. It would take a lot longer to get through, but you are compared with everyone and not just 3/5 people. One player could go up against 3 terrible transmogs and get many votes, while others go up against the ones who put effort in, which likely split the votes.

    I can't tell you how many times the first place winner has a transmog which is worse than the others, including those who didn't get a place. Its an opinion in the end, but the system is very flawed. Id say 1/5 competitions have winners which everyone agrees with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kymet View Post
    I usually vote fore the most fitting costume, except when there's obvious groups voting for each other.
    This. I vote fairly unless they are part of premade. If they are in premade, I don't vote for anyone from that group even if their outfit is better.
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    Either not everyone is voting the way they correctly vote or MMO-Champ actually favors the event. Out of the hundreds of people I speak to on each toon most will admit to not voting and they say it's because "Increases my chance to win if the others don't get a vote" that or "I afk'ed to make/get/do something"

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    For me it's kind of a mixture of fitting the theme best and trying to spread out votes so I have a chance of winning. Most of the former though.

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    Matching the theme foremost.

    As others have said. Full tier or just slut sets get no votes, and if i have to choose between two of them i never give 2 votes to the same person.

    Minor gripe: I hate it when it's the faction pride thing. It's always so damn boring with the same gear people wear. Faction does not mean only alliance (or horde).
    Try to make something that goes with the Wardens theme, or Ebon Blade, Kirin Tor or Kurenai for that matter?
    (but then likely people won't understand it's a different faction and you get no votes ^^)

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    I vote for the guys I queued with.
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    Vote for the theme, and failing that, whichever one I just like arbitrarily. Quite a few times neither fits the theme but someone went particularly silly and I went for that one.

    I don't see anything wrong with full tier. Most of my transmog sets are "start with a tier set, tweak it in ways I think improve it."

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    Yeah I'm a scumbag, I vote for the worst transmogs to stop the better transmogs from getting votes.

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    People in trial of style vote against the 'tryhards' in my experience. I once saw some pala just literally select random gear, there was like green blue red yellow pieces of gear and won versus some really awesome transmogs xD

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    It's a combination of theme and creativity for me. If something nails the theme super hard but it's just a standard tier set and an artifact weapon, for example, then I'm more likely to vote for a slightly less fitting, but more original ensemble.

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    Usually ask if someone needs a win then vote accordingly so increase the chances of them winning.

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    I vote for the most fitting transmog, it's the whole intention of the event.

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    I vote for best fitting the theme, and if I don't find anything fitting, then I spread my votes.

    I usually don't vote for slutmogs, though, except if they fit the theme (like, summer day).

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    Only participated in one, but i did vote only to what i felt matched the theme the most and looked good...

    I was happy to win first place and this thread also makes me feel good about how people tend to vote (at least here) on how it fits the theme.

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