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Name: Christoffer
Age: 26
Country: Norway
Started playing wow in 2005, Played as a mage untill now. but its time to do something different, i will still be playing a ranged char. A boomie

Im looking for a guild who raid two days a week. cant raid to any later than 22 servertime.

abit about my history in wow!
I started back in vanilla, never reached 60 due to beeing a kid :P
When TBC came out i have started understanding the game and started progressing quite fast! Joined a guild on Trollbane Called: Carpe Diem, we raided together from TBC to mid WotLk.

I have raided hardcore trough the entire TBC, and killed all bosses pre nerf except kil jaeden.
in WotLk i raided abit hardcore in the start, downed everything pre nerf etc. went casual in ICC due to a new jobb with nigth shifts. Still downed LK 10man before he got nerfed in a pug.
Since Wotlk i have been raiding abit, but not active due to the job situation. never stopped playing, but more casual and more pvp oriented!

NOW! i have a 8-16 jobb, and wanna get back into the raiding scene, im looking for a guild who raids 1-2 times a week (hopefully two) and raid no later than 22 servertime. I can join ANY server, ANY faction. as i havent been playing properly this expension im quite far behind so prolly wont be able to raid with you anytime soon(untill iv managed to catch up)

im a dedicated nerd who likes progress!

Add me on battlenet(dodsferd#2414) or post here if interested!

Thank you for taking the time to read!