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View Poll Results: Given both are availible, would you play a mag'har or default orc?

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  • I would play unhunched mag'har with more visual customization options

    56 52.34%
  • I would still prefer old orc model

    23 21.50%
  • I don't like orcs and would never play them

    28 26.17%
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    Seems like more and more as the days go by, people misunderstand what subjectivity means.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AwkwardSquirtle View Post
    I'll probably stick with my hunched warlock. Seems thematically appropriate, and not worth the effort/gold/money to change it.
    Yeah Gul'Dan kind of cements the hunched orc warlock archetype.
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    There are still people that choose race basing on racials?

    Seriously? The only really OP racial I remember is wotf as it was at the beginning of Classic.

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    My only Orc is a white skinned deathknight. So unless they can be Dks and have a paler skin then they currently do I wont be playing one.

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    I do plan on making a Mag'har Orc Warrior, but...

    If I ever roll a warlock, it'll for sure be a hunched default orc.

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    I play a female orc so the hunch isn't an issue. And it has been my main for 13 years. That isn't going to change. I just hope I can use some of those amazing hair cuts the Mag;gar have.
    Aye mate

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    People are little scrooges, the majority will be regular green orcs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ancient One View Post
    as an alliance player i ask you, WHERE'S YOUR HORDE HONOR?!?
    Died with Vol'jin

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    regular green orc that im used to seince wc1, but not hunched

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    MY main is a shaman orc and the money i need to change race sounds like too much (yeah blizzard, its TOO MUCH)

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    hunched chars still look more tribal imo, look good for shaman or warlock classes... looks more orcy rather than like a green human.

    Blackskinned orcs do look pretty damn badass though

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    You don't have an option that fits me. I plan to have 2 original Orcs and 2 Mag'har Orcs.

    Green skinned Hunter (regular)
    Pale skinned Death Knight (regular)
    Red skinned Warrior (Mag'har)
    Dark skinned Shaman (Mag'har)

    I will us upright on all of them.

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