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    Official High Elf Discussion Megathread

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    Post YOUR design ideas! So far, the biggest roadblock to adding High Elves as an allied race seems to be their lack of distinction from Blood elves. This is a thread for brainstorming design options that could set them apart. I looked back at the Warcraft II concepts and in game characters, and here is what I came up with.


    Now this is interesting, coming from Ythisens, a former Warcraft CM:

    Originally Posted by Ythisens
    How do you feel personally about the idea of High Elves becoming as an allied? What did the team think about them at the time of the massive megathreads?

    Personally I have no issue with them becoming an allied race, as the arguments against it are pretty hard to make.
    "Blood Elves and High Elves would look roughly the same." Pandaren already do this across factions.
    "Lore wise there isn't enough High Elves to justify making them a playable race." Void Elves lore wise have less people than high elves but are playable.
    "There's too many elf races." It's a fantasy game... and they already exist anyway.

    There isn't a good reason to me apart from just flat out saying they don't want to do them. It's hard to justify game and lore wise why they can't be playable.

    I can't talk about anything internal on the conversations, I'm just referencing what's been said in Q&As.

    The "rural elf" concept from designs by @ercarp
    These have a great feel, fit the look of WCII High Elves, and have a different feel to the "majestic" blood elves. With a new idle stance to create a new silhouette, these would make an excellent Allied Race.


    Customization Options

    High Elves are, by their nature, fundamentalists/traditionalists. These older designs highlight the survivalist, nomadic lifestyle the Silver Covenant has been forced to adopt. Blood Elves are pampered, high society types that rely heavily on magic. By contrast, the High Elves would seem more "primitive" or back to basics. Plus, all these design changes fit right in with established lore, as seen in the examples.

    Official Warcraft III Concept Art & Alleria Windrunner (Wacraft II era High Elf Ranger):

    These are "Bird Style" hairdos that fit the one Blood Elf hairstyle of this type we have in game. These are less "out there" than the 80's hair shown below and might fit better with the style of the game.



    When we talk about High Elves and Blood Elves, we're really talking about three distinct groups:

    1. WCII elves
    2. WCIII Blood Elves
    3. MMO Blood Elves

    Group 1: the elves of WCII are the High Elves of today. These include the farstriders who left and the magi of Dalaran. Group 3: the blood elves of today's mmo WoW did not get involved in the first, second, and third wars (with some rare exceptions) because they didn't want to be involved.

    Group 2: the blood elves of WCIII became the villainous blood elves of Outland and the Isle of Quel'Danas that remained loyal to Kael'Thas. They drew from both other groups, so some were from Dalaran and some were from Silvermoon. Group 3: the blood elves of today's mmo didn't go quite as full-on Kael'Thas. Group 3 also stayed home.

    Group 3: the MMO WoW blood elves are the ones who joined the Horde. We don't really have examples of them prior to WoW itself, because the ones we did see in WCIII all died. Void Elves also fall under Group 3.

    The history of these three groups throughout the franchise is very distinct with very little overlap. Group 1: the High Elves honored their old alliance to the humans and went off to fight their wars. They lived in Dalaran and mingled with human kingdoms. That's in sharp contrast to the (Group 3) Blood Elves that were isolationist and thought the whole humie-loving thing was madness. Group 2: the WCIII blood elves that followed Kael were kinda in the middle of these two groups. They had no problem romping around everywhere, but they also had no problem with Kael's crazy, which they fell into.

    Players asking for playable High Elves as an Allied Race are looking to play members of Group 1. This is something we cannot do with Group 3, the Blood Elves of WoW or the Void Elves. They are different, and they have done different things, had different loyalties, and had different affiliations throughout the franchise.


    Skin Tones

    Battle Scars! High Elves have been constantly on the move with no city of their own, fighting for every scrap of ground and constantly struggling to survive. These are subtle enough to not be distracting and give a slight variation from the oh-so-pretty Blood Elves.

    Faces by @Jokubas

    Hair Styles by @Jokubas


    Other Ideas

    New standing posture
    Different facial expression
    New eye colors (purple, white)
    Wooden Ear jewelry with feathers
    Feathers in some hairstyles
    Tabard with Unicorn Design


    1. Rangers from Warcraft II

    The High Elves of Quel'danil Lodge have expanded their home and rallied the High Elves from other lands to their banner.

    Paramilitary Rangers
    In order to survive, the remaining High Elves have embraced the culture of the Rangers. Each Ranger is taught to survive at all costs, maintaining the legacy of the High Elves. Their purpose is now maintaining their ancient ideals and finding ways to push the Alliance forward.

    Never Again
    The High Elves are now extremists who want results and will never compromise. Their greatest allies have been the Wildhammer Dwarfs, and they value their input and safety above all others. Feeling the time has come, the Council of Three Hammers invites the High Elves into the Alliance. We also learn the Wildhammer Dwarfs have trained shamans under the High Elf banner.

    Possible Racials
    Perfect Shot: Increase attack range by 3-5 yards.
    On The Move: Increases flight path speed by 10%.
    Perception: Increases your stealth detection.
    Nimble Feet: Increases your Agility by X (scales with level).
    Troll Bane: Experience gains from killing trolls increased by 20%.
    You're A Natural: Herbalisim skill increased by 15.
    An ability similar to Hunter Disengage

    2. Rune Casters, Wardstones, and Shipwrights

    Returning to their roots, the Silver Covenant begins using ward stones to power their defenses, their ships, and their weapons. This renewed focus is perfect for their nomadic lifestyle.

    A People on the Edge
    They have little resources or manpower, so they have tapped into the most powerful magic they had access to and are using it to devastating effect... the consequences could be deadly...

    No True Home
    With no place to call their own, the home base for the Silver Covenant has become a flotilla of High Elf ships, many of them salvaged or repaired from the Second War. This wandering home crosses Azeroth as needed, making the Silver Covenant highly mobile and efficient. Wardstones protect the fleet from aerial attacks.

    Crewed with highly-skilled Elven seafarers, these swift-sailing vessels are prepared to engage the enemy wherever they may be found. Elven Destroyers constitute a critical part of the Alliance navel defense force as they can unleash their firepower upon the dreaded aerial forces of the Horde.

    Possible Racials
    Runestone: Create a field that lowers aggro within. (Based on the elven runestones that dampened the trace their magic left so they were harder for dark forces to detect.)
    Battle Magic: Attacks have a chance to do bonus Arcane damage. (Inspired by the war mage artwork.)
    Covenant Beacon: Party members can use the beacon to return to their Hearthstone location. (Just based on the Kirin Tor Beacon from the Isle of Thunder.)
    Arcane Guidance: Increases resource regeneration for the party. (Inspired by the high elves having taught the humans magic.)
    Territorial: Gain increased experience from Alliance-exclusive quests. (Inspired by the Troll Wars).
    Exile's Meditation: Channel this ability to quickly regenerate hp, mana/energy/rage, and remove debuffs (can only be used if out of combat for X seconds). In their years cut off from the Sunwell, Quel'dorei learned to quell their magical needs with rigid mental discipline. They can still employ such meditation.
    Self-Preservation: Escape to hearthstone-bound location when under 10% health (channeled cast). As the remnants of an endangered race, every High Elf learns when to retreat to battle another day. (This is probably sorta useless, but I like the idea of Helfs making tactical retreats)
    Arcane Exploits: Chance for extra materials from milling and disenchanting. The Quel'dorei have always been gifted in the arcane. This knowledge gives them a natural, practical advantage when pursuing mystic disciplines. (As a sort of counterpart to Belf Enchanting bonus)


    3. High Elf Exiles from Outland

    Talthressar: The right hand of Alleria on the Alliance Expedition's invasion of Draenor, Talthressar was in charge of Alleria's rangers when she disappeared. He was one of the founders of the Allerian Stronghold, and was a big believer in the Alliance with Dwarfs and Humans. Talthressar was last seen in Terokkar forest before the destruction that shattered Draenor, creating Outland.

    The Long Exile
    Talthressar and his High Elf forces fled into the Spires of Arak as Draenor tore itself apart. The Spires swirled into the Nether, cut off from the rest of Outland and leaving the High Elves stranded with the Arakkoa who lived there. This sparked a brutal conflict. Desperate, the High Elves harvested apexis crystals, using them to power ward stones on their armor and giving them access to dangerous new abilities. As the tide turned, the High Elves took to adorning their armor with the feathers of fallen Arakkoa and using war paint to intimidate their enemies.

    The Truce
    When the Arakkoa realized they could not drive the High Elves out, some of them forged a truce with Talthressar. These Arakkoa joined the ranks of the High Elves as their allies against their Arakkoa brethren who were oppressing them. With time, the High Elves found a place, and were eventually accepted as a begrudging part of the society of the Spires of Arak. Most of the Arakkoa hate Talthressar, but they dare not move against him.

    The Return
    One of Talthressar's rangers spots a landmass floating in the Nether—Outland! The High Elves gather the power of their apexis crystals and the new ward stones they've constructed, causing the Spires of Arak to ride the winds of the Nether until it returns them to the mainland. The long years have given the High Elves plenty of time to brood on their hatred of the orcs, and Talthressar blames the Horde for the events that left him stranded.

    The High Elves are now eager to hear word of Alleria and discover what has become of their home world.

    Possible Racials
    Warding: Removes status effects
    Blue Flames: A form of snare

    4. Silver Covenant Spellbreakers

    This would not require a new class. It could be done with a racial or two that has the flavor, but it would need to be different from the Blood Elf silence racial.

    A Lost Art
    After spending several years combating the Sun Reavers, the Silver Covenant has developed Spellbreakers of their own to counteract the Blood Elf Mages.

    Renewed Power
    A new leader of the Silver Covenant emerges from Dalaran to guide the Spellbreakers. This prompts the Alliance to strengthen their ties to the Silver Covenant to gain access to these new troops.

    Possible Racials
    Dampening Field: A small dome where enemy magic does not function
    Remove Curse
    Spell Steal


    Pros and Cons of Playable High Elves


    Heritage Armor
    Something with a Ranger feel. Play up their paramilitary feel. Use a head piece that does not obstruct the hair/war paint such as a headband, tiara, or thrown-back hood.
    Wonderful heritage armor design by @Jokubas! This is what a Quel'dorei should look like!

    Should Quel'Dorei use the pale blue hypogryphs, or should they use dragonhawks like those they raise at Quel'danil Lodge? Or something entirely different? Ground mount idea:


    High Elf Class Options

    Iconic Classes:


    High Elves first trained the humans in magic, and the alliance between Dalaran and the High Elves remains strong to this day. This is perhaps the most iconic High Elf class available. It should be noted that Highvale elves no longer practice arcane magic.


    High Elves and humans share the same religion. The close connection of High Elves to the Light has made their healing skills invaluable to the Alliance for many years and across many great wars.

    Hunter (Ranger)

    Archers and scouts. Many of these Rangers were sent to support the Alliance in the Second War. High Elves often look to Ranger-Generals for guidance and leadership.

    Rogue (Ranger)

    The stalker that fights with twin blades and leaps from the leafy shadows. These Rangers have been the advance scouts of the High Elves for many years. Their protection has prevented many losses and allowed the High Elves to stay one step ahead of threats to their people.

    Appropriate Classes:


    High Elves were part of the alliance that created the first Azerothian Paladins. Their members joined the Order of the Silver hand before the Third War.


    High Elven swordsmen have protected their people with distinction for generations. Their traditions have been passed down to the High Elf exiles, bringing thousands of years of technique.


    The calm and tranquility of the Pandarens was vital in helping the High Elf exiles deal with their lingering addiction. Today, High Elf monks are expected at every settlement to lead their people in meditation.

    Proposed New Class:


    High Elves have never been shamans and we have no examples of this in lore. However, if a lore reason was given, such as training with Wildhammer shamans, it could be a possibility as something new. This would create an extra layer of distinction between High Elves and Blood Elves.

    Unlikely Classes:


    This theme is strongly 'Night Elf'. While it could certainly be appropriate for High Elves, and many High Elves have displayed limited nature magic in lore, it likely creates too much design/theme overlap with Night Elves.

    Death Knight

    The story of the Death Knights does not seem to work with High Elves and their particular themes. However, High Elves were killed by the Lich King in mass and would certainly qualify to be Death Knights. The real question would be if these Death Knights would join the Alliance or the Horde.

    Prohibited Classes:

    Demon Hunter

    Much like the Blood Elves, Demon Hunters took on fel energies to gain their powers. This is the antithesis of who the High Elves are and what they stand for. The Thallasian elves that joined the Illidari were all Blood Elves because they were followers of Kael'thas when he pledged his loyalty to Illidan.


    We do have an example of a High Elf warlock that is a trainer in the Silver Covenant. However, it makes no sense that a spellcaster that practices fel magic is not a Blood Elf already. It also contradicts every theme of the High Elves. This one NPC trainer would be an exception that players could not duplicate.


    Potential High Elf Outposts

    These are ideas for places that High Elves could establish new settlements or strongholds as an Allied Race.

    1. Theramore

    High Elves were living in Theramore when it was destroyed. One of these High Elves is Captain Darill of Northpoint Tower and his High Elf Theramore Sentries. His tower seems to have remained intact after the fall of Theramore, and his troops survived the Horde attack. Captain Darill could establish a new High Elf Theramore settlement to support a War Front in the Barrens. This would bring back a fan favorite city and allow for it to have updates and improvements as the High Elves from other lands come to support him.

    These sea faring elves are natural allies of the Kul'Tirans, sharing the same banner and allying with them before in the attack on Orgrimmar by Daelin Proudmoore.


    2. The Crater of Dalaran

    Dalaran has always been something of a High Elf city being freely shared by the human inhabitants. The Silver Covenant especially is a militant faction of the Dalaran High Elves. In order to secure the lands of Dalaran from Horde invasion while the city is flying about, the High Elves send Ravandwyr to build a new settlement over the crater. The homeless High Elves of various lands flock to this stronghold, seeing the chance for relevance once again. This would be an excellent Alliance support for the newly invaded lands of Lordaeron.


    3. Hearthglen

    Fellari Swiftarrow
    and her High Elf rangers were long ago captured by the Forsaken and locked away in the dungeons of Lordaeron. No one knows why Sylvannas kept them alive. In the siege of Lordaeron, Fallari breaks free from the dungeons with her rangers.

    She feels abandoned by the Scarlet Crusade after her years of imprisonment. Instead of returning to the Scarlet Monastery, Fellari heads to Hearthglen in the Western Plaguelands and assumes command of the Argent Crusade forces there now that Tirion Fordring is dead. With her rangers, she reestablishes the base as a High Elf bastion, welcoming all of her Alliance kin to use Hearthglen as a staging point against the Horde and the undead. Even Renthar Hawkspear is drawn to Fallari in the hopes of a new future for the High Elves.


    4. Northern Lordaeron

    This unused zone near Quel'Thalas could presumably hold a forest controlled by High Elves. These hidden exiles have erected a wardstone barrier that has kept intruders out and allowed them to stay hidden. They've strived to stay out of the conflicts of the Alliance and the Horde, but a message from Kriss Goldenlight informs them that the High Elves are a dying people with no where left to go but the lands of lesser races.

    No longer feeling they can hide, these High Elves lower their barrier and welcome back their scattered people. They are grateful to the Alliance for protecting their people and decide to join their cause.


    5. Quel'Danil Lodge

    The High Vale elves have dug in at Quel'Danil. Over the past several years, Jalinde Summerdrake has been expanding it into a proper settlement, with several new buildings surrounding the lake and a defensive wall protecting the lodge. The Wildhammer dwarfs have been a great help, offering gryphons and soldiers as well. Their Draenei allies bolster the ranks of Quel'Danil, making the lodge into a formidable fighting force that the Alliance can no longer dismiss. More High Elves arrive every day to see the restored power of their people.


    6. Stormwind City Mage District

    Many High Elves live in Stormwind, so it would make sense to use establish a base of operations in the Mage District. This could either be in some of the unused portions of the district, or the unused land outside the district could be expanded into a High Elf bastion.

    As the years pass, the High Elf forces of the Alliance have naturally migrated to and organized within Stormwind. After years of watching her people languish, Elsharin decides to take a leadership role, declaring the High Elves of Stormwind to be under her protection. Elsharin has spent a great deal of time navigating the politics of both the mage hierarchy and the nobles of Stormwind. She now stands ready to lead her people to greatness.


    7. The Silver Enclave

    The Silver Covenant already used the Silver Enclave of Dalaran City as a base of operations, so it would make sense for them to do so again. From this mobile perch, the Silver Covenant mages can teleport their forces to any strategic location at a moment's notice. The city of Dalaran offers a stability that is appealing to many of the High Elves, and more have consolidated here every year.


    Originally Posted by Ion Hazzikostas
    But also there isn't a clear example of who or what High Elves are as a larger group that still remains in Azeroth. There's a couple, we just met Alleria again for the first time, but they're not out there in the same way.
    So, to address some of the things Ion said yesterday (4/26/18). This statement here is very telling regarding what it would take to create a High Elf Allied Race. They need something distinct, and we need to see clear examples of it out in the game world. Currently it's very hard to describe the differences between Blood Elves and High Elves. Even though Void Elves and Blood Elves are almost exactly the same in ideology and theme (and clash hard with High Elves, hence their rejection by High Elf fans) it still remains that it is simple to describe the differences between Void Elves and Blood Elves. "Void". It's that easy. One word describes the clear difference and it's even in their name.

    For High Elves to be added, they need something clear and simple that sets them apart. Something the average player (who doesn't care about lore and can't tell a gnoll from a worgen) can instantly see and recognize. This is why Highmountain made the cut. "Moose" vs "Bull" is very easy to describe and identify. Lightforged are a little trickier (I still can't always tell them apart). But they are easy to describe. "Angel" vs "Alien".

    Right now, we don't have that for High Elves. Clearly, if added, Blizzard would want High Elves to have a simple and effective theme of this kind and implement it out in the world for the player to see. The Silver Covenant (as an example) would need to adopt this theme and be easy to tell apart from Blood Elves. Currently, only banner/colors set them apart, which is a poor theme.

    Here is the big win from Ion's interview:

    Originally Posted by Ion Hazzikostas
    If you want to be a fair-skinned, light blonde-haired, tall, majestic elf; that is a Blood Elf. And giving that race directly to the Alliance, I think would have blurred a lot of the lines between the two factions.
    We now know what Blizzard sees the Blood Elf design philosophy to be. Blood Elves are the tall, fair, majestic elf. And this can be summed up in one word: "Majestic". Their theme at creation was vampire/fel/slightly goth. This contrasted with High Elves because they were the majestic elf. But that's now changed. Blood Elves are the "Majestic" elves.

    So, the design for High Elves needs to clearly, easily, and simply describe a difference for High Elves that contrasts to "Majestic" elves. Most designs for High Elves try to retain the "Majestic" design philosophy because it was theirs when the Blood Elves were the "Fel" elves. Now that it's shifted, High Elves will never be implemented as long as we try to design them as the "also Majestic" elves. There has to be a simple, clear contrast.

    Originally Posted by Ion Hazzikostas
    Anything is possible in the future, but no plans in the near term to add High Elves as an allied race.
    Most likely, they would implement such a difference over time, like how we were slowly introduced to most of the current Allied Races.


    What are your ideas? What unique design elements could be added to Silver Covenant High Elves to make them stand out?
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    Maybe they could make them more monstrous or altered, and theme them even more blue/dark blue themed to have them look more distinct from Blood Elves.

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    I think it's a cool idea. Will be hard to convince the No-elves-crowd but in a fantasy game you can't have enough options.

    I like the tatoos but the hairstyles doesn't fit me.

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    Ugh we are sitll going on with this? Alliance have void elves now due to them begging for High elves, so you wont be getting high elves anymore unless they are Drasticly Different like mutated or something but then people will ask for a non mutated high elf im sure, people will always be asking for high elves till the end of time

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    I admit, I actually really like the painted elf look from WC2. Runes, rangers, runestones, and sleek ships. Elves were quick and deadly, and not all about arcane mastery, but knowledge and skill borne from long lifespans and countless hours of practice. Bring that feel, and I'll support High Elves.

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    Not bad, I like it...This is what I wanted them to do with High elves if they became an allied race. Expand on the concept, make them into more than blue eyed Blood elves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokubas View Post
    I thought it would be fun to take some of the ideas going around and try to mix them all together in what it might look like if high elves were playable and these were their options. Some things I copied more directly than others, and I know I could have gone further in some areas, but this ended up taking longer than I thought.


    I decided to not only play around with some scarred options, but I put one in there with shorter ears. In the classic Warcraft II artwork of a high elf fighting a troll, the ears were much shorter. I used that as inspiration along with the dialogue from Elisande about high elves mingling with lesser races. I also made an aged option, since that's something missing on current elves that could help reinforce these as much more world-weary.


    For the men, I tried to take inspiration from different cultures than the blood elves, though I don't think it turned out too well. I thought a little 80s stuff would make them feel more wild, and tried to put some more curly stuff in there. For the women, I tried to do some shorter and more combat-ready hairstyles, as well as some messier ones and braided ones.

    Hair Colors

    For the hair colors, I tried to go with earthier tones, as well as some very light and silvery ones. I tried to avoid red outside of a dark auburn to create distinction from blood elves.


    I went a bit crazy with the beards. The idea was to again take Elisande's dialogue about the high elves being peasants who mingle with other races, and decided that could mean they have much larger and more wild beards (whether that be because human blood allowed them to grow larger beards, or that larger beards are simply not in style with the higher class blood elves). I'm not really happy with the accessories I made for the female elves. I tried to take various ideas like more subtle jewelry and feathers, but most of them sort of disappear into the hair unfortunately.

    Skin Colors

    I tried to create some strong extremes here. The idea was to have some tanned options from living in the wild more, as well as some extremely pale options to create some strong contrast. Perhaps some of these options are also a result of human blood somewhere in their heritage.

    War Paints

    As much as the war paint is central to what I like about the high elf pitches in this thread, I didn't feel up to the challenge for very many options. Each one is based on an existing design, whether that be Warcraft II or one of Alleria's several variants. I also added in symbols from the elven runestones in a couple of places, but ran out of ideas after that.
    More excellent concepts from @Jokubas!
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    what the fuck is this abomination

    you want a blood elf with shit hair and funny tattoos? then the alliance players ask why horde always get cool and unique stuff like more druids, you guys are just asking the same boring shit with no real differences

    and why the tattoo in the female elf goes until her vagina DansGame

    also, NO MORE ELVES

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    Not really care for Void elfs, High elfs, blood elfs.

    They are backstabbing people and not someone i would want as ally lorewise

    But to give my to cents on this, if Blizzard really put the effort they could/could've made High elfs happen, not another variant.

    But alas, i will get back to my chair of the Naga/Broken Club.
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    *Groans in Thalassian*

    Can we please not? You’re not getting High Elves. Void Elves are your compromise, accept that and move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darktbs View Post
    But to give my to cents on this, if Blizzard really put the effort they could/could've made High elfs happen, not another variant.
    Agreed, there seems to be enough there from the Warcraft II designs to give the Silver Covenant some personality. They already have lore and a faction leaders. A little design love is all it would take.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Romanthony View Post
    you wont be getting high elves anymore unless they are Drasticly Different like mutated or something
    You'll always have fans of the classical elf archtype that will want that since WoW does not offer that. There isn't a classical Legolas type that can fight alongside humans and dwarves against orcs, trolls, and goblins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeula View Post
    *Groans in Thalassian*

    Can we please not? You’re not getting High Elves. Void Elves are your compromise, accept that and move on.
    Still the same argument can be said about Zandalari Paladins. Taurens were your compromise, accept that and move on, but still there is clearly a demand for it. None should be disclosed because of "reasons" but discussed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traycor View Post
    So far, the biggest roadblock to adding High Elves as an allied race seems to be their lack of distinction from Blood elves.
    For people who keep using this as a bad excuse for not adding them, I have only 1 word: Pandarens.

    I honestly like this idea, and despite the Void Elves, I still want High Elves to be playable. At least, unless Blizzard decides to add them to the Ranks of the Void Elves and decide that the High Elf Race is dead for good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenji87 View Post
    For people who keep using this as a bad excuse for not adding them, I have only 1 word: Pandarens.
    Agreed, but I also understand that Blizzard doesn't want to implement a new race unless it has something unique. The question is, would new hairstyles, the war paint, and the eye color be enough to justify this as a race? It seems on par with the Lightforged Draenei and Highmountain Tauren distinctions.

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    Great idea, there better be a option for bald with arrow tatts so i can make a monk avatar lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenji87 View Post
    For people who keep using this as a bad excuse for not adding them, I have only 1 word: Pandarens.

    I honestly like this idea, and despite the Void Elves, I still want High Elves to be playable. At least, unless Blizzard decides to add them to the Ranks of the Void Elves and decide that the High Elf Race is dead for good.
    Panderan are totally different from other races...
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    There was a chance for this, but Blizzard wasted it. It could've been a good trade considering the Alliance would get Hinterlands/Outland high elves that spend their time in the wilds, in contrast to the majority of blood elves which don't. On the other end, the Horde would get a nobility styled group of night elves, who are in contrast with the more attuned-to-the-wilderness night elves the Alliance got. Each side would basically have the other side's race that is a stark contrast. Warpaint, other hairstyles, facial hear and so on would've sufficed. It's not like the Nightborne are much different from night elves or at least not as much as void elves are from high elves.

    As I said though, the opportunity has gone to waste.
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    Is it april 1st yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnagarde View Post
    There was a chance for this, but Blizzard wasted it.
    Since allied races are basically subraces, there's no reason we couldn't have multiples of each type of race, such as adding Wildhammer Dwarves. I'd love to see more than one allied/sub race for every race in the game.

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    I like these. Tattoos and new hair options are some of the main things they use to distinguish the races from their counterparts. Would love to also see eye color variants due to the lack of fel corruption, and a wider array of skin tones.

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