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They don't clearly say "more elves are being transformed".

The exact words were:
“But it’s natural as other elves have found out about them — elves who are interested in new sources of magic, power, or opportunities — would see if they could undergo a similar process. They’re not ... recruiting, necessarily, but they’re open to those who show a similar interest.”

It's not told there is a similar process. "Would see if they could undergo", to me, only hints at it being researched.

He could have just said plain and clearly: "Oh, they are creating more, yes. They found a way to do so", instead he subtly evaded the issue and essentially told us what we already knew from Telogrus: that some elves are seeking the void elves to learn about the Void.

I'm not denying that at some point the void elves will be able to recreate the process. I just think this is going to be a future plot point, and an important one, so the devs never answer the question directly.

I'm half expecting that by the end of the expansion all high elves will be turned void elves by some freak accident. Maybe the blood elves seal off the Sunwell for themselves and the void elf condition starts spreading around. Maybe the Alliance elves invade Quel'thalas, take Quel'danas and the Sunwell is corrupted, void'ing all elves in the attack. Or some other thing.
Still on phone so response limited. The question asked was about their numbers. Response was they start as a small group but other elves found out We see those elves in Stormwind and the rift. Similar process line clearly refers to individual decision to go through with a known process rather than researching it. Arguing it doesnt mean what it clearly means to serve a highly unlikely hypothetical outcome seems to be obstinance. Void Elves CAN make more void elves and some choosing this life are alliance helfs.