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I don't remember there being anything written that said it was wiped out, that may have been an assumption, and a reasonable one I guess, but still an assumption.
From the Warcraft RPG (again, non-cannon, but at the time it was cannon):
In the High elf entry, it said, "with Quel'thalas gone".

In the second edition of the RPG we get much more:
"Quel’Thalas: An area in northeastern Lordaeron and once the high elven homeland, the Scourge attacked and razed Quel’Thalas in the Third War. Little lives here now. The undead plundered the area’s resources and left. The regions once rich in magic and learning are now home to skeletal trees and elven spirits.

Silvermoon: The former high elven capital, Silvermoon does not look as devastated as the Blackened Woods. Trees and buildings still stand, and the white
stones are free of blood and ash. The appearance is deceptive, however, as Silvermoon is lethal. Undead elven guardians wander the streets and towers, ensuring that no more harm befalls their city. Nevertheless, the lure of undiscovered elven magic draws adventurers from across the world."

As an interesting side note, the High Elf entry (this is after The Frozen Throne) specifically lists "Affiliation: Alliance". We also get an image drawn by Metzen of the races of the Alliance:

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The more I read up on this the more unreasonable it seems to actively advocate against High Elves being on the Alliance. The only reasonable arguments at this point are that Void Elves now already exist on the Alliance and have the Thalassian elf model with some recoloring and the differentiation in racial features between them and Blood Elves, because they're literally the same race so shouldn't look any different for the most part, aside from eye color I guess, maybe some tattoo options or something. These seem to be the argument Blizzard is sticking to at the moment, but IMO it's a pretty weak argument. If adding High Elves would help inflate players on the Alliance, I don't see why they shouldn't do it, it really doesn't affect faction identity IMO considering a Void Elf and a Blood Elf in full gear can hardly be differentiated anyway.
Yeah, that's why this thread was started. It was to brainstorm design ideas for ways to make High Elves stand out without changing them into something that wasn't a High Elf. The OP has ideas from several different people.