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    Quote Originally Posted by Paraka View Post
    Farming the warponies from the Prestige system.

    Haven't been able to do much till recently, so I have a looooong way to go.

    Also curious if Blizz will stick to the plan and make the Prestigious mounts account wide eventually.
    All PvP mounts are account-wide with the exception of Gladiator mounts.

    That said, I guess I'm farming the warponies, but unless season 7 adds another, I'm done in 33 ranks. Other than that occasionally run ZG and after a loooong time I got the raptor. Also on and off for Mimiron's. Quite a few attempts there as well. Got invincible just when I created a lock out to start chain running it xD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyandor View Post
    All PvP mounts are account-wide with the exception of Gladiator mounts.
    I said that still under the impression the warponies were still character specific, I remember a tweet going out about rectifying that (and other prestigious titled mounts) and making them account wide. It was not till a day or two ago I noticed it was already gone live.

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    Currently using one of my alts to farm Pandaria achievements : doing Tillers, Klaxxi and Shadowpan (will do the others afterwards, all factions at once is too tiring).
    Another is camping ToC dungeon for Paletress achievement and the Argent Tournament achievements (yet, being a void elf, I'm stuck as an aspirant because no faction offers me the next followup quest). I keep getting Eadric the Pure though...Slows down the whole process.
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    Blue proto-drake, 489 attempts..

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    I'm trying to get mimirons head atm but have a break because its frustrating but i will give it a try this week i guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by DutchOutcastbas View Post
    Blue proto-drake, 489 attempts..
    That is some kind of insane bad luck.

    The only mount i'm 'farming' right now is the last Felcrusher (Glorious I think) and even that's kind of passive, just the 2 weekly quests on some of my toons and all Mission Table rep tokens funneled to a human toon.

    Right now I'm a Mage Tower addict but I've got most of the ones I _really_ want; I'd say my want list is down to just Guardian for sure, and maybe BM, Frost Mage, and Demo.

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