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    apparently, favoring Master Loot is now unpopular according to Blizzard.

    Also: Genn Greymane is one of the best current characters in WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toybox View Post
    6) Leveling changes that came in 7.3.5 is a case of too little, too late. For years I've said that the reduced difficulty & time spent leveling post-shattering has led to many new players lacking fundamental game knowledge, talent knowledge, and even spell knowledge. I learned more about my character in a pre 2.3 run of Shadowfang Keep than someone leveling in the last few years would pick up while leveling to cap.

    The game has entirely failed new players for way too long, and the leveling changes are like trying to put a bandage on a severed leg. The result is a disproportionate amount of players who're frankly terrible at the game, because the leveling experience wasn't the learning experience it should've been for them.
    Well said! This is spot on. But I guess we have to go with the case of "Better late than never".

    WoW has existed for 14 years (& Warcraft has existed for even longer), so I don't really think the game has a lot of new players joining each year, but I would love to see some statistics for that. Of course we're all getting older, so that should mean more kids will discover the game eventually.

    It would be very interesting to see statistics on the player base, like how many currently subbed have played WoW before and how many new players are joining each year. But this is probably never going to happen, since they don't release sub numbers anymore.

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    mythic plus sucks

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    The community expects you to be more than you can achieve.

    Wanna do Mythic plus? You better have a 2k score.
    Wanna do the latest raid? Better have at least AotC.

    You might be good enough to do mythic plus with no problems, you might be able to preform well in normal or heroic raids, but unless you have those things, most people won't invite you. And the response with, make your own group, sometimes don't work, because if the party wipes even once, most times players will just end up leaving.

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    - Legion was the best xpac so far.
    A very cool signature text.

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    Josh Allen needs to be fired.

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    - Aside from Nightborne lore, Legion story-wise was boring because of everyone being neutral fucks (so yes, I'm looking forward in faction war in BfA)

    - SoO should have ended with Thrall returning as the Warchief, it would save his character story and saved Vol'jin from being thrown in trash

    - Allied races is a stupid concept and I'm tired every discussion being about 'HURR DURR WHEN WILL THIS RACE BE PLAYLABLE?!'

    - Also allied races, kills the 'casual' races because they top the customization

    - Ashran was fun

    - WoD had one the best visuals

    - Mail is the most ugly armor ever (I can never transmog my orc shaman properly)

    - Anduin is one of the most interesting written character

    - People who ship Anduin x Wrathion need to be set on fire

    - Blizzard need to bring back a bit of an unbalancing , it was fun when Horde had some thing that Alliance didn't or vise versa, same goes for classes

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    > I like leveling, in particular questing through zones and going through the stories.
    > I agree about Cata/MoP they were actually pretty decent.
    > Valor/Heroism was a good system for protecting against RNG and should come back for titanforging.
    > The dailies at the start of MoP were fun.
    > PvP should be based around BGs not Arena (it's a 'Massively' multiplayer game, so should the pvp).
    > For the most part world pvp was always just ganking/griefing and was rarely ever fun.
    > AV games that turn into turtling and fighting are when the game is the most fun.
    > Achievements shouldn't be linkable/able to be looked up online.
    > Titles/Mounts shouldn't be removed and/or decreased in rarity to stroke egos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Blade View Post
    There's nothing for casuals to do, beyond pretend they are raiders in LFR.

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    > That the main story-line of the game, which is told through a mixture of quests, raids and add-on content, should be as accessible as possible.

    You put the "big bad boss" on the cover artwork of each individual expac and then make it so only 2-5% of players can actually see that content...

    No. Just no. And people always conflate this with exclusive rewards on higher difficulties - not what I am objecting to with this. People who want major lore characters to be gated behind endless grinding or attunements are just being selfish.
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    This game should die asap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slyphofspace View Post
    I take it that you don't like Genn

    Quote Originally Posted by slyphofspace View Post
    Genn built a wall before Trump made it cool
    Now that was funny. +1 internets for you, good sir

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    I liked Cata, and Vashj'ir was my favorite zone in it.
    I liked WoD's gameplay and story while there, but the story to GET there was crap, time-traveling garbage.
    Nightborn should have been given to the Alliance.
    Lightforged shouldn't be a race and Void Elves shouldn't exist.
    There's no Horde bias and anyone who thinks so as forgotten that Horde players have had to deal with Dadgar for 2 xpacs now.
    Garrosh was a good leader during Cata and what they did to him in Mists was bad writing that would have made more sense if it was Sylvanas.
    Not using Wrathion in Legion was a waste of his setup in Mists, where his whole story revolved around preparing us for this invasion.
    Anduin should never have been made king by default. The Alliance isn't a human controlled monarchy.
    The Lich King / Scourge should have died with Arthas.
    I hope Jaina becomes a villain, but not an end-game raid boss, just a dungeon boss.
    I was never happier to have chosen to have a Horde main than when I first came on these forums and saw how toxic and imbecilic many of the Alliance players are.
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    - Despite the nostlagia, some irritations with classes circa vanilla and TBC we're a good thing. Soul Shards, quivers, crafting poisons.
    - LFR is good for the game
    - I liked Garrosh
    - I like Sylvannas, you know what, sometimes the best bad guys don't need a reason.
    - WotLK was good, but not as good as people remember
    - Halaa during peak TBC was the best PvP in the game. TBC had really good world PvP.
    - Arena and flying are bad for the game. Arena especially has been highly detrimental.
    - Ashran was pretty fun, a few tweaks and it could've been perfect
    - WoD had some of the best mechanics for classes, but MoP was probably peak class design for the classes I play. (GIVE ME BACK GLADIATOR)
    - Karazhan was maybe my favourite raid in the game. Maybe not the best, but my favourite for sure.
    - Hybrid tax should absolutely be a thing again. It'll take emphasis away from DPS and damage. Class synergy needs to be more deeply engrained into the game. A lot of encounters dont feel like a team effort, it feels like a lot of individuals.
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    -WQ system is really bad, cuz too much time is wasted due to need to fly from one side of continent to another - I've never needed to Alt-Tab so often before.
    We play RPG - not adventure and/or platformer, like Tomb Rider or Assassin's Creed.
    Blizzard should either remove features, that don't fit into RPG genre, or enable flying to avoid them for players, who don't like them.
    Flying - is like ability to turn PVP-flag off. It allows devs to design content purely for "PVPers" without risk of harming "PVEers".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steth View Post
    1. I want to see Arthas return, and having a redemption storyline.

    2. Classic WoW should be updated with horizontal expansions when the time is right.

    3. Classic WoW was good.

    4. I like being the hero. At least, prefer being the hero rather than following Tirion or Thrall.

    5. Speaking of which, I think Tirion is a terrible character. Too much of a Mary Sue, and I'm glad he got killed off.

    6. Genn Greymane is a hypocrite.

    7. Sylvanas should NOT be killed off.

    These are my 7 unpopular thoughts that I can think from the top of my head right now. I would add that I was pro CRZ years ago, and while I don't hate CRZ, I can now see what people have a problem with. That being said, I supported CRZ because in the end, I wanted servers to merge, so i'm more focused on server merging these days. An idea that doesn't seem controversial so far.

    Gonna add a couple more unpopular opinions here.

    8. Mounted Combat should be a thing.

    9. Trinkets should NOT be tied to ilvl. Trinkets offer a different purpose to armor to the point where they should be based on subjectivity as opposed to which has a higher ilvl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    I take it that you don't like Genn

    What makes you think that?

    : ^)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kallisto View Post
    MOP never had a troll dungeon. Cata which you praised had 2 and a patch dedicated to troll stuff. MOP had 1 boss in MSV and 1/4 of ToT (With parts of Isle of Thunder)
    Guess I meant raids. Sorry for the mixup.

    - - - Updated - - -

    WOTLK had a troll dungeon too. I loved WOTLK... Hated the dungeon with a passion. That an expansion had something I did not like does not mean it was a bad expansion.

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