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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggrophobic View Post
    No, you can't.

    as of yesterday I was doing what I described in my post... so I don't know what you're referring to.

    I was doing it in SoO, blackrock foundry, and hellfire citadel and managed to get a piece of cloth on a warrior. So It seems that I actually CAN.

    just cause I could..
    I hopped on a DK and ran SoO heroic again and got a cloth piece from immersius. which is impossible on personal loot
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    Not seen them since like, the great SoO drought..
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordrevangr View Post
    885 kills ? And then there's me. 2 Kills on Xavius and got the leather shoulders for my alt rogue. RNG be a cruel mistress.
    I checked his armory.. He actually has 1.1k kills now, so it seems like the guy is still farming for the shoulders, unfortunately.

    You, on the other hand, have been very fortunate

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