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    question about external hard drives.

    so i have finally decided to switch to windows 10. however first i am going to backup my data onto an external hard drive. a couple questions. will this item work going from windows 7 to 10?
    secondly will there be any issues with registery errors? third is it possible to switch to windows 10 without reformatting the current drive? i have a second drive that has windows 7 on it. could i just format that and put 10 on that and make that my primary drive? this is the item in question:
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    If you upgrade from the same "version" of 7 to 10 e.g. "Home" "Pro" etc you will get an upgrade option, this will create a windows.old folder will all your stuff in it.

    That said there are many many weird things that happen with a win 10 upgrade e.g. shadow copies. I would highly recommend you install fresh windows 10 rather than upgrade.

    What are you planning to use the external HDD for exactly?

    Generally i'd backup files to a secondary HDD, format primary, install new windows on primary and then pull the files back. All programs should be reinstalled to ensure clean installs.

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