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    So what Is Fortnite? and should I play It

    I've always wondered what's so good and popular about this fortnite, game everyone talks about It's on the media It's popular at schools and even popular with gamers

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    I dont know Its a Game for 15y olds. im way past that

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    Well Fortnite is a Battle-Royale game, in which the last player standing is the winner. I'd guess the building part is what really differentiates it from other BR games atm.

    Should you play it?
    If you're interested try it out. The BR game-mode is free after all.

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    Its a zombie survival game with building options that turned into Battle-Royale mode also.

    Basically since they own the graphical engine they can release and produce stuff much quicker, balance and fixes way faster than PUBG, therefor its getting more famous for the weaker PCs and cheapskates since its F2P.

    Because they are basically a better dev team is a more promising game along with adding different modes to keep it fresh.

    Along with a campaign single player, aka the zombie survival etc if you buy it.

    Even so i do not play these games, i just see them being played by half the population of the city

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    Please use the dedicated megathread for Fortnite questions and discussions.

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