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    Yep. I went from 70+ binds in MoP to somewhere around 30 in WoD and beyond. Catering to the lowest denominator is Activision-Blizzard's MO.
    You think you don't, but you do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laqweeta View Post
    Honestly you have a lot of useless shit on your bars that's not even needed. How long has it been since you banished a demon? 10 years? lmao
    Elementals can be banished, like the ones on Aggrammar; you know?

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    Makes everything into macros. Probably arena macros and addons. Complains about not enough buttons to press. gold star to you

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    I went mostly causal after Cata but IMO the pruning has ruined the game. (Downfall started in WOD)
    *if the buttons are rarely used why worry about removing them, if some people like pressing them what's the big deal leave them, if you rarely use them just don't bind them or put them on your button bar, and let the other have their fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melzas View Post
    I know it might be hard for you to grasp, but some people actually enjoy complex gameplay. It's fine if you don't, but it's a valid complaint for people who enjoy competitive gaming, because complexity is a part of that.

    Blizzard took a step into right direction with the introduction of active honor talents, so that the ability bloat doesn't affect casuals/pve players, but there is a number of players who actually want a bit more.

    That said, I'm fine with what it is now, but as someone who used to play arena on high level few expansions ago, I can actually understand the OP.
    Complexity =/= number of buttons on your bars (some of which never get pressed).
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