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    Finally got fury. I was trying to do it without consumables because on my server they're really price gouging right now. Thought the command center would be enough. Buckled and bought a flask and mailed over some Argus bandages (should've done that at the start), it was a one-shot after that. :P

    Still debating arcane mage. It's not that Sigryn's hard once you know the fight, it's just that every other class had some form of healing/leeching. Combined with no more healy orbs after a certain point I'm not sure how I'm going to survive.

    Quote Originally Posted by camicio View Post
    As long as you get to last phase consistently, you should get it soon.
    I'm not consistently managing anything, part of why this encounter is so frustrating. Every other one I can tell I'm making progress, this one it seems like it's a dice roll whether or not I'll even get past P1.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozzyorcborne View Post
    Adding to this, keep an eye on your hp and NEVER let it drop below 50% for too long. At 50% your safe from the stomp and the npcs will survive the ignite. If your under 25-30% when Edris jumps, you most certainly will die.
    I wish I had more opportunity to actually practice that part, of the 3 times I've made it to the final stage at least one party member ended up one-shotted before much of anything could happen.
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    Just finished 36/36.


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    The hardest ones for me were tied between Prot Pally, Prot War, and, this may come as a surprise, Feral Druid.

    I tried Prot Pally right after I finished the encounter for the first time with my Brew. I know I probably already outgeared the fight I still couldn't enter P2 with less than 3 Infernals. Needless to say, a fair amount of getting knocked out of island followed.
    Eventually decided to switch my legos over to Aggramar and Sephuz instead and got it in 3 tries (the extra runspeeds help a lot imo).
    Even though I died at 4% and had the npcs finished the fight for me, I still remember the relief I had to finally be done with the encounter.
    Took me around 15 tries in total.

    Went ahead and tried Prot War a week later. What I imagined would've been a lot easier compared to Prot Pal between having charges and stomps to counter knockbacks and the much lower enemy hps just didn't go as planned. Took even more tries (around 20) to finally win the fight, and I have never successfully reacted quick enough to charge/stomp out of those knockbacks (always giving me the no path available line) during the 19 or wipes.
    But then, warrior is one of the alts that I play seldomly (compared to my pally) so I was really unfamiliar with the Prot War kit.

    As for the Feral challenge, I have no idea what had got into me, but I spent the whole night attempting the encounter a few hours before the server went down for 7.3. And back then, one of the two legos that my druid had was the boots - which gave me the false assumption that I just had to run the Bloodtalons build instead of Brutal Slash, and clearing out the trashes were so freaking hard without Brutal Slash.
    In retrospect, I should probably just ignore the boots and went with the Brutal Slash build and had a much easier time.
    Or better yet, just wait another day for the talent revamp to hit which would've made that choice irrelevant and the encounter significantly easier.
    A total of 12 tries of time poorly spent.

    I didn't actually had much of a problem on the Outlaw challenge as others here suggested, it was even one of the easiest challenges I have done out of the 36s.
    But then I did outgear with encoutner (ilvl 923 iirc) and outlaw rogue was my main (that I couldn't get out of due to those stupid exalted rep achievement being bound to a single character, jeez!).

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    I may call it at 24/36. I tried to get my SO the ret pally skin, but two hours worth of attempts at ilvl 911 and the lowest I've gotten Sigryn down to is 35%. I struggled with this one on my paladin as well, but attributed it to learning the encounter. Now, I don't know. I one-shotted it on rogue and it took maybe 3 attempts on shaman despite not having played assassination or enhancement throughout Legion. I feel like paladin should have an easier time with their toolkit, but it seems significantly more difficult. Oh well. Someone should have informed me before the very last day that they wanted the ret skin and been spending the past couple months gearing up instead of saying there was nothing to do in the game. :P

    So, I'll be missing all of the healing skins (unless I can psyche myself up for more resto druid attempts, ugh), prot warrior (ugly), sub rogue (ugly), brewmaster (confusing spec), survival (meh), arcane mage (looks like a healer staff), guardian (too masculine), and blood DK (meh). Some of them I wanted to try just to see if I could do them, but there just wasn't enough time.
    "This dream I had, this long dream of kinship with those unlike me, it is gone." - Penny Dreadful

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    Hardest - Prot Pala with Aggrimars and Welfare leggo ring. I must have wiped 75 times despite overgearing the crap out of it. Eventually stopped getting horny on DPSing Inquisitor, never letting stacks go about 4-5, focussed the adds down as they spawned and saved consumables and cooldowns for the kruul phase.

    Easiest - the same fight but with my Vengence DH alt at same ilvl but no tanking or survival legendaries at all! Tried it on a whim at the weekend as the skin was quite nice and I knew it was going away this week. I literally one shot it in about 90 seconds - I blew cooldowns on pull and inquisitor died so damned fast (I hit 6 debuff stacks as he died I think?) that I thought it was bugged until I realised his health pool is half that of the Prot pala encounter. Kruul met a similar fate moments later, DH jumps and double jump completely negating the pushbacks etc. Couldn't believe how easy it was compared to the grind on the Prot pala.

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