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    Best WA for Assassin Rogue

    Hi, been looking for WA for Assa Rogue, but with not much knowledge of the class its kinda hard to judge which WAs are good?

    So my question is which one is the BEST WA out there?

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    There isn't really a best since it's mostly personal preference, but a quick google of it will give you multiple websites with them for you to try out and tweak, that's what I did.
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    I recommend going basic, nothing fancy - your average timers for dots and surge of toxins, perhaps a toxic blade debuff timer and a poison bomb proc tracker.
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    wago.io has some good WA for all classes and preferences.

    I personally use Ipse's WA wago.io/VkcUyO8t- (sorry can't post links yet). It has everything you need for a pve rotation, and some utilities cds aswell, for all 3 specs (changes dynamically based on the current one).
    If you know how to use weakaura you can personalize it easily (for example I changed the background texture for the combo points and made it a night sky with moving stars, looks awesome imo ). After a few weeks of using it you can hide all action bars and have very few ui components showing during fights, which helps with visibility.

    Hope this helps.

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    I am using Ipse's WA on every char I got that I play, I think they are the best so far.

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