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    Does a plate eye-patch exist?

    Question is in title, anybody know of a plate eye-patch that can be x-mogged?

    thanks in advance!

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    And it sucks. I want plate eye-patches, dammit! There's this weird 1-eye goggle that's plate, but it's not exactly low-key...

    I also wish it was possible to choose which eye would be covered by a patch. Just mirror-flip them.

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    Hmm, there is the Crimson Beholder Eye that drops from a rare in Outlands, but yeah, it's more of a pink monocle than an eye-patch. See if it interests you.

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    thanks for the info guys. I was afraid there would be no plate eye patch. The crimson beholder eye might be something to pursue but the particular look I was going for is an Orc DK berserker look, so the pink monocle probably would be a no-go haha.

    Something like this but with an eye-patch:

    thanks again gentlemen

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    Plate eye patches and "hide chest" for us warriors already, dangit!

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