I must preface this thread by saying I have never played a warlock or know the inner workings of each spec.

Having said that, I just got out of some 2100mmr RBGs and our team was down right filthy, and feel like I need some explanation(b/c I was too timid and stoned and frankly forgot to ask). Our comp was DH(me, TC'ing), Rogue, Affi x2, SP, Ele, Warr, Hpriestx2, MW

1500-0 Gilneas, 1500-30 Silvershard, 3-0 Twins, 1500-180 EotS, 1500-296 Temple. Wrecking kids.

Now my question is this: what is it about running the double Affi in particular that made our team so downright unbeatable in team fight? I heard someone say in discord during our match that our "double UA ST" was just impossible to compete with, in conjunction with our SP and Ele tee'ing off (SP took most damage every match btw) but have no idea what that meant tbh. I mean I figured "single target unstable affliction", but what talents are they referring to? Did I mishear? Haven't rolled kids like this in a while and just looking for more insight on this double Affi action and how we were so godly. Thanks!