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    Also, salads are more expensive than a double cheese burger because the world wants you to get fat.

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    Blizzard made leveling faster and faster time and time again. It got so fast it became a disjointed mess. It made doing quests feel awful because you'd be doing more running than actual content, you'd drop half the content because you out leveled it, and boom you're back to running.

    Hitting cap in less than 2 days is still substantially faster than it was pre-Cataclysm. I remember people selling guides to hit level 70 in like 12 days. I remember the first wave of xp nerfs where they made it faster (they reduced xp required to level, increased quest xp, and added a bunch of new quests), and it was a big QOL improvement. This is ultimately a QOL improvement; it's slower, but it's actual gameplay, it lets you experience the world.

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    leveled both new alliance allied races. No dungeon abuse 2 days played total on first toon, minimum a third of that is basically shooting the shit in g-chat or being tabbed out checking random stuff and getting distracted. second toon had like 1 day 18 hours total before dinging 110.

    It felt slow as fuck, ill grant you that. But overall it really aint that bad. Prior to the leveling change, i would sometimes decide fuck it, il level X class, cause i could use another alchemist for transmutes, or quickly level a tauren druid for herbalisme benefits.
    I wont do that anytime soon, since ift feels like just a tiny bit more of a chore.

    Especially since i dont find the cataclysme overhaul improved the leveling stories, it's all just a tad to tongue in cheek for my taste.

    But i really dont feel they changed it , just to sell more boosts. They are WAY to expensive. Like's been said, if that was the goal they would have cut the price down, and they deffinitly would'nt have added heritage armor as a carrot for leveling.
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    So far I've used one of my "free" (with purchase) boosts. Mostly because I had set the character aside to use the boosts mainly to get its professions up back before WoD came out, plus I wanted to see what sort of gear a boosted character would get, so I more or less sold all his gear (a BE priest) and had him sit in Orgrimmar until I wanted to use him. I just use what use to be a level 90 boost, last week as a level 100 boost so I've have at least used it more or less as intended, since the poor level 61 priest didn't have any gear and I wanted to finish leveling my second Horde character.

    I still have my "free" level 100 and level 110 boosts, and may never use them.

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