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    Monks are they crap?

    Sorry pls don't hit me. I am just a WoW pleb where you are used to 1 spec being absolutely pointless to play because it is trash. I cant decide between a dragoon and a monk. I think im in love with the monk animation but a few keystrokes on google and all I see is '' ruined, deleted class, the fuck patch 4.0 rip monks''

    are they crap? havent played ffxiv since level 50


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    You'll see a lot of people going off about jobs like BLM, SAM and MNK cos they're not 'the meta', i.e. the calculated most efficient comp for speeding through content, because of stacking buffs and debuffs for maximum DPS. And yes, you will see people who refuse to run any comp outside the meta because it's supposed to be easier/more reliable and when factors with randoms can vary wildly, you want to eliminate as much possibility for shit to go sideways.

    If you will only do raid/trial content with PuG's through the Party Finder, you may have difficulty when you want to play a non-meta job, which of course is no guarantee anyone you group with will be any good either, but the more doors you can open the better.

    I personally am not fond of MNK as I dislike 'muh stacks' mechanics, melee in general and positionals in particular. But in the end, play what you like, what you're good at, cos playing your role well while obeying mechanics is far, far more important than fitting inside the cookie cutter.

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    Monks are currently parsing much higher than Dragoon. The only DPS doing better than them are BLM, SMN and SAM. SAM also lacks raid Utility meaning whilst they are slightly higher DPS, MNK is more sought after.

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    While I don't play one at a high level (I don't raid hard stuff plus no M+ style system to really test my skills), the class is very fun to play and flows pretty well.

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    Funny enough, I’m maining MNK now and can safely say it’s not garbage. I believe Several of the first dozen or so groups to clear the current tier on savage featured a MNK.

    You can clear any content in this game on any of the jobs. There’s no job here that’s leaps and bounds behind on damage like how it would be in WoW (trust me, I knew that shit feeling all too well having mained ele shaman for a decade). Here you can play the job you want to play and if you play it well, you can go anywhere.

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    Monks are far from garbage, they're in a very decent spot right now. That being said, you can't go wrong with either DRG or MNK, so choose whichever and have fun!

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