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    DH question for arena talents

    I just started to paly arena(practice ATM) and want to know more about the pvp talent choices. I know these are changes from palyer to player but I've seen a lot of choices and I want to learn when i have no time to play it.

    Nemesis-Fel Eruption
    Chaos Blades-Fel Barrage (I do not feel demonic very good, but I've seen some ppl with it)
    Demonic Origins-Awaken the Demon Within
    Rain from Above-Detainment

    I found RfA useful in 2v2 but in 3v3 Detainment might be better however I'm more interested in the experience of others about this, since it varies between matches.

    I will play 3v3 seriously in last season, and I'm experiencing a lot ATM and want to know these things.

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    I don't know much about 3s but 2s i just hit 2k with my dh (it was the first time i tried to seriouly).
    I used momentum (i don't think the other 2 are viable for pvp, but i might be wrong).
    Fel barrage seems to be a must have in 3s it's probably evan stronger(more targets=more cleave damage).
    Demonic origins an obvious choice.
    For 2s mana break seemed extremely usuful, again not sure about 3s but i guess probably detainment.

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    both nemesis and fel eruption suck. guess you could use nemesis against teams where you'll be training only one target AND there isn't a paladin healer, but other than that (i.e. 90% of your matches) you'll be playing momentum. fel eruption sucks horribly and is basically a way to tell a DH has no idea how to play the game at all (if he is speccing it, just stay away from that player)

    chaos blades vs fel barrage is basically the same as the above ^, if youre using nemesis you can use chaos blades to pop after a defensive CD during nemesis, but its so niche and weird and uneeded, that you'll ALWAYS want to be running momentum + fel barrage.

    demonic origins should always be taken, literally.

    there is a survival build but nobody really uses it, and if they do its against specific comps played by specific players with a specific playstyle (let's say youre 2400+ and facing a team that is training you and winning and rain from above (an extra defensive cd) didnt help, so you switch builds to try and survive more, that build also uses demonic but once again, I don't recommend going out of the standard unless youre already pro at DH)

    so, in every case (literally every case) you can just use fel barrage + momentum

    the last talent of the pvp ones (rain from above vs detainment vs mana break) depends a lot on the bracket youre playing, the comp youre playing and against what youre playing
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    Cdew plays atm on 2600 double demonic demon-hunter with heal dudu vs all comps in this high elo.

    Look at his YouTube videos or streams for more info how the comb work.

    I self played a lot 2s with a heal Pali because everyone says to me it's the best comb in 2s season 6 but I reached not 2k or higher with it most prob are dk Pali and ww Pali or diszi rogue. They nearly on or two shoot my Pali before I could kill them.
    In the end of the season we try it with his druid and it works for us a lot better.
    We have both gladi XP in earlier addons and 2k 2s and 3s XP in legion early season.

    For me the felbarrage build does not work so well now as it work in season 4 and 5. For me the way higher than 2k was demonic with long fight and drain the enemy healer oom vs healdebuff
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