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    Things like this are good when you don't pay any attention to it, then one day you're like, "oh, I have an extra box" then you click it and the flying carpet pops out.
    I'm not a vanity collector, so I maybe have one or two good mounts, so this made me really happy.

    Sure, I guess you're going to be unhappy if you're opposite of that.

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    It's something to do. Cry about something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heladys View Post
    It's something to do. Cry about something else.
    Sure, because grinding reputation is the most interesting thing you could ever do in this game.

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    I agree with everyone who says no to mounts/pets/toys in caches.
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    Paragon caches would've been a great way to keep Reps useful and meaningful if they'd given them some sort of consistent, desirable currency reward, like Wakening Essence - something you always get and always want more of.

    Instead they put mounts in them at a 5% drop chance and it's the worst system in the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    They're nice bonus, but having mounts/toys as a reward is just pure blasphemy.

    They should give gold/resources/materials/just some bonus items that you can already acquire from other sources.

    They should be treated as BONUS.
    This, pretty much.

    As for the current rewards, I hope Blizzard comes to its senses and make them buyable with Curious Coins. That way, getting Paragon Caches will eventually allow you to buy them, if you were unlucky enough to not get some mount.

    (I'm still missing the Watcher toy, the Valarjar dragon and the Dreamweaver unicorn, as well as two of the Army of the Light crushers... sight...).
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