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    Why would the Horde want to go there?

    And besides, we send the Horde there, it would just genocide AU!Draenei, form a new army and come back to conquer Azeroth. Because that's what the Horde always do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holycloud View Post
    TLDR: This would break the game I know - But Horde to AU Draenor and stragglers just stay behind.

    We know that the Mag'har Orcs are coming to the Horde in the BFA - which means they are willing to will for and with the Horde. Why not just have the Horde MOVE to AU Draenor? A rich, non-fully corrupted world that does have it's issues but that gives the SJWs like Thrall something to do with his life. The races that choose not to go would have their options if they didn't WANT to go...

    Blood Elves/Nightborne: Join the Alliance or stay independent
    Goblin: Time is money friend, go back to independent
    Trolls and Tauren: Live in Mul'gore and other areas
    Pandas: Go to Panda Land

    The only two outliers would be Orcs that wanted to stay (but why would they) and the Forsaken... which even has a Horde player I have to say; ya'll are dead just stay dead?

    Do you agree this would make sense? Seems fairly simple.
    You created a problem out of thin air and proposed a terrible solution. You're basically suggesting the Horde be dismantled.
    Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven? Behold, now, the terrible vengeance of the Forsaken!

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