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    There is a an artist who did some really cool peices/fan art of their own take on updated balance forms (both Moonkin and a more humanoid version) for the old druid races

    I really wish blizz would do something like this for the OG races

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    You know I never understood why people were freaking out about the Zandalari Druids. Unlike the popular beleif Blizzard is usually pretty equal when it comes to cool stuff. They even gave Paladins to the Horde! Also people cried about bias when the information was from ALPHA LEAKS which waaas? NOT a completed version of the game! Who knows what we will see in the future.
    Also I hope they add some cool stuff to the existing races, too. So I agree!
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    Id be down for more race/class customization, like troll shadow hunter shamans and moon priestesses and such, but they would need to do alot more than just for one race.

    Also kultiran drust druids are now confirmed so i dont see any horde bias anymore unless allies are REALLY upset about tatooed tauren druids

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    Also I hope they add some cool stuff to the existing races, too. So I agree!
    I really really REALLY dont care about worgen, BUT, i would love to see them get Wolf feral forms!

    Reason is obvious, but that aside, it REALLY irks me that a man transforms into a wolfman, then transforms deeper into a cat... like, wtf? why is this even a frikkin thing >:|
    I dont care much for the other druid races, night elves forms are classics, they dont need anything shiny and new since everyone else is kind of using their stuff, darkspear trolls though could use something more in line with thier loa, a 'bat' moonkin form would be clucking awesome for a start

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