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    Thumbs up Looking for some Brewmaster advise

    Good evening Mmo champs,

    Since a month or so I started playing Brewmaster monk. I really love the mechanic of Brewmaster compared to the other tanking classes.

    Most of my time I play Mythic plus, since I don't have time to hardcore raid anymore.
    I've watched allot of video guides but i cant find the exact stat weight/ talent build for Mythic plus.
    For my own feeling i get ALLOTALLOT of damage in mythic plus higher than +15.

    Some advice in gear builds/ stat prio's/ and tallents would be amazing ( focussed on mythic + )

    Screenshot of my two options ( statwise):

    Amory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/ch...ale/amsterdamn


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    Get more versa. That's all there really is for m+. Way more And get trinkets with bubbles. After I started running AHR + 945 Pearl (versa + bubble) some mechanics stopped being an issue - especially those in tyran weeks with magic dmg - like King in MoS or Tree in DHT.

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    for starters you might want to enchant your shit. I mean come on, you have a 960 cloak, 930 neck, 925 and 940 ring. I see a single +150 versa enchant on your LOWER item level ring. Heavy Hide on neck is a significant armour boost when it procs. Slap versatility on your rings and +200 agi on that cloak.

    You've got 2 primary ways you can do m+, I tend to go route 1 (damage) almost all the time, and route 2 (survivability) when pushing keys that are out of my comfort zone. Route 1 is blackout combo talent (which you have) and 3 relics in Face Palm, with an emphasis on crit and mastery. You'll be a lot squishier but you'll pull around or over 1m dps single target at your ilvl. Yeah it's squishier but the bosses die a bit faster so swings and roundabouts.

    Since your problem is being too squishy, the versatility route is your friend. Switching to high tolerance helps too as it gives your healer more leeway, but it does make the rotation way less interesting. You could also do with a bit more haste, but a rule of thumb is no more haste than around 14%.

    I don't know how you're playing but you need a UI or means to easily track your stagger, I personally track up to 100% of my health in stagger, because you'd be surprised how much stagger you can actually accrue before needing to purify. With practice you'll find a sweet spot to purify where you're a) not purifying so soon you run out of brews when you need them and b) not purifying so slowly that you're constantly sitting on brews which end up going unused. It's often tempting to purify when you're only at 50% stagger but unless you're on deaths door this is usually a waste. 50% stagger is nothing at all. While some bosses have phases where they hit hard and phases where they don't, making it predictable to know when to purify, as a monk tank your damage intake is USUALLY pretty consistent.

    Tsharna says bubble trinkets are good, but generally monk tanks don't have issues with bursty spikes, therefore I prefer to opt for trinkets which provide a greater overall damage reduction, albeit less spike mitigation. I was lucky to get a 940 or so Writhing Heart of Darkness from my bounty. You can also get it from Relinquished vendor. At 920 it provides a 2.66% damage reduction stacking up to 3 times each time you crit the target. That's an 8% damage reduction on the damage the target(s) deal to you, and with RjW it applies to everything almost instantly and never expires as each crit refreshes it. I cannot in my head compare a 'bubble' trinket to one that is basically, in principle, an 8% passive damage reduction across entire fights.

    Other great defensive trinkets include the darkmoon card - yep, even though it's only ilvl 900 it's still plain awesome for staying alive, and a PARTICULARLY good M+ trinket is the Riftworld Codex from Portal Keeper. That trinket does 1/3rd of my self healing in M+ and when it procs you're godly. Another great one to get from the bounty/relinquished is the Goblet of Nightmarish Ichor, it provides a massive amount of versa on a regular basis.

    On the legendary front hope you are lucky and get the stagger (lost abbey) ring. That + high tolerance + decent trinkets & versatility
    sometimes makes you feel like you're taking almost no damage even in 15+.
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    I used bubble trinkets for fights with repeated magic dmg where the few cds a BM has were far from enough. Talk about tyrannical MoS or DHT.
    AHR and a 960 versa bubble/burst pearl were just what I needed with the addition of on demand trash dmg.
    For all other fights - sure, WHoD owns by leaps and Codex is just imba. Still missing both on my current DH tank but at least I have the anti-knockback huge bubble/aoe destructor 960 Smoldering Titanguard and some good ilvl Moonglaives to annihilate any trash without taking basically any dmg each Titanguard cd.

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    Will is right on. I really love the Codex on my DK, alot of tanks say its not good, for MY needs its pretty epic. The Card is armor, armor is what BfA will be going to, so if you dont have it, get it; Get the Dog stam bonus armor trinket F'harg I believe, either one is good as one is vers, the other is stam and armor (need a check on this).

    Also like Will said - High Tolerance saves lives. Bubble trinkets to me are the oh crap but I'd rather have the mitigation type, I have zero luck on trinkets and leggos on my monk to where im embarrassed to post them..

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    I'm not a M+ player, this is an advice from mythic raid brewmaster.
    Mastery should not less than 33%, and as more haste as possible.
    Aggramar trinket is useless.. Beacause when you taking dmg, always calculate stagger first, then trinket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h29551442 View Post
    I'm not a M+ player, this is an advice from mythic raid brewmaster.
    Mastery should not less than 33%, and as more haste as possible.
    Aggramar trinket is useless.. Beacause when you taking dmg, always calculate stagger first, then trinket.
    Haste is garbage. least stat we want. Best trinket is Dima - dont go off warcraftlogs, all of them outgear the place - and if you do too, a dps trinket is fine at that point - most of the mythic raiders use dima and aggramar.

    This is still pretty accurate; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...Rk9cU/preview#

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