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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebiroth99 View Post
    ..and w elost Howl of Terror and teleport baseline.
    Weird, thought Celestalon left WoW development team for someplace else... wonder who the idiot is that thinks this would be acceptable now.

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    Right now and looks like even moreso going into BFA there is zero downside to tunneling an afflock. I mean zero strategy or thought process beyond tunnel purple. You will do incredible damage forcing mana, CD's, peels, etc even if you don't land a kill and shut down the whole team trying to keep their poor lock alive and it never ends. Its not like "well go on him during X then switch for Y". Its *always* sit on the warlock in 100% of situations and that says that design is off. In pve if you always used 1 tanks and 1 strat regardless of boss that tank would probably be too strong right?

    How is that fun to play? How is that going to encourage people to play your game? Do you want people to play the game in pvp that you pay staff to spend time working on? This type of direction ensures that people will simply opt out. The pvp templates would have to be so absurdly overtuned its not even a good solution and like anything else for the .01% that do get free/loose/unmolested they would end up in OP scenarios which is hallmark of bad design, not tuning.

    Since locks can't EVER run from a fight we need to be able to fight back far better with someone in our face. Probably something like "takes 30% less damage while a spell school is locked out/soft CC" and "50% less damage while stunned" so that yes you can pile CC on the warlock but you will have a harder time killing them. Or at least if you use your hard CC on the lock you have to use your damage somewhere else or vice versa. Then you change drain life to be uninterruptable without casting circle. I'd like to see something in aff to boost the UA kickback to a longer silence or something...the dispel deterrent still isn't scary. Maybe a 10-12 sec window for a instant UA if one is dispelled? So a healer could save a kill or disrupt a key moment but they can't just go resetting your entire ramp up/dps every 8 seconds/dispel CD which is what most will do if they have a melee parked on you.

    Examine how long dots take to kill almost anyone without external healing...20-30 seconds. Now without UA....45+ seconds. Now add in some classes self healing/absorbs/mitigation and its almost never. How do you really expect locks to stand up to the burst we receive then beating we can't run from? Should we just be expected to play 500+MMR higher than everyone we ever meet? Most of the time that doesn't even matter because you aren't in a team situation where its relevant you are just dead. Or you are in a BG and every melee gangs you so you are dead since no class should be able to 1v3+ yet that is what it invariably turns into because you've spent multiple expansions training melee that locks are punching bags.

    Its not fun, hasn't been fun, and is shaping up to not be fun again. PVP participation numbers say so. The spec already plays like a lvl 60 alt in still needs a lot of work before BFA to say it politely.

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