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    To me the main problem is that we have so much stuff going on, but it's mostly just a hectic struggle to get everything up on everything, rather than smart decision-making and taking advantage of synergies. As people have pointed out, even things like Deathbolt turn into mere "press on cooldown" maintenance abilities, since trying to aim for specific timings is apparently worse damage than just maximizing cooldown. Same with Haunt - it's not an amplification window we plan around, it's simply another maintenance ability we try to squeeze in at max uptime. To me, that's just glaringly bad design.

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    I'll just say that for the first time in 6 years I'm happy with affliction and if anything wish some of the talents like Siphon Life and Haunt were baseline.

    I can completely understand Biomega's complaint that there aren't enough "smart" decisions to be made, but back in WOTLK I remember the go-to advice was that if you START casting a Shadowbolt you don't interupt it because the loss in cast time isn't worth it, part of the appeal was trying to juggle everything so that you never ended up in that situation, but if you did it wasn't catastrophic. Aiming for specific timings isn't "worse", the timings just aren't "stack up a huge Death Bolt", it's "make sure you take advantage of pandemic so you're not trying to refresh dots when Haunt comes up" etc.

    Destruction should be filling the role of a proc reaction class with damage windows, I'm happier with affliction feeling like a juggling-fest.

    If anything I'd like more throwing in. I really wish both Shadowbolt talents were baseline. If people are somehow struggling with too many actives then there are (ideally) marginally suboptimal / competitive passives to talent out with like the Agony stacks or even infinite corruption if you really want less, I think that's a much better class design than having to pick actives (and praying they're not dreadful) to get more than a handful of buttons on your bars like destruction feels.

    That's more or less how affliction was during 5-dot Naxx, Immolation was worth keeping up IF you could fit it into the rotation without making mistakes, but if keeping up a 5th dot caused you to make errors it wasn't worth it. Likewise, if keeping up afflictions current stuff is more than you like, the 2nd talent row is literally +0 dots, -1dot or +1dot. If the tuning isn't completely whack then I'd hope you gain more from +0 or -1 if +1 causes you to make mistakes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brenz View Post
    Its funny I was playing last night and thought the same thing.
    Didnt choose haunt, but had the rest, and was like what the hell look at all these abilities.

    And true enough, never got one shadowbolt off the whole time during all my fights.
    Screw Creeping Death. It might be the best talent in the row but short duration dots are annoying. It's just a headfuck trying to manage everything else and keep refreshing dots. I prefer an old school approach of Nightfall and Shadow Embrace and Dark Soul:Misery. I'm sure the better locks will take all the modifier talents, but there are options if you don't want to wreck your brain.

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