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    I know. I was just saying: the state of leveling during WoD was feeling strange. You went into a group of 10mobs and killed everything. You outhealed, outdamaged and outtanked everything while being close to invincible. I even got my Paladin Tank at level 101 the T18 set items from HFC (in addition to the 840 gear) to boost instances as Avengers Shield could be spammed.

    This was not an optimal state. 5-10sec per mob would have been a good lifespan with atleast 3-5 rotation cycles at a boss or elite.

    But they overdid the downtuning. Heirloom should feel special. And it simply does not. It is even worse than some blues. Any item with a socket in low levels is strongly OP as you can socket it with stats worth 1 to 3 expansions. Example: socketed with 3x Bold Cardinal (+6STR each) gives a 34STR, 24STA, 6Crit chest. This is AS MUCH strength on this plate like the lvl 101 equivalent of

    So yes: There needs to be done something with the heirlooms or the overall HP not just outdoors but also in dungeons. I suggest nerfing the HP and damage to 1/4 of a players (e.g. a mob should have 800 HP @lvl 30, dealing 40dmg with melee hits, scale up to 5x the value if in an instance. instead we have 4k HP mobs in a 5man trash pack (aka 4x harder than PVP) walking around in dungeons, while your own abilities do around 90-100dmg (aka you could kill a mob in 1min, the whole pack in 5min)).

    Additionally I would be suggest a 20% boost to heirlooms (20% more stats, more HP and damage compared to the greens of the same level. +15% or +10% versus fully blue). Currently items are on the same level, there is no difference between green, blue and heirloom.

    Both together should resolve in around a 10% buff to leveling without and 25% with heirlooms. Yet this would bring us down from 18h (0 to 60) to 14h and from 40h (to 110) to 30h. This still is far from what I personally deem suitable (but its acceptable) for time being spent in outdated content (as around 25h of that grind apply to level 1 to 100).

    Turning the XP ratio would also be a decent idea. It shouldn't happen that you run out of suitable quests / have to quest through all the content (e.g. WotLK between 60-80 where I currently have to go to ICC) and/or have to enjoy pet battles for the sake of XP/hour. This feels.. false.

    Changing quest requirements however is far too difficult as you have to adjust each and every quest manually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetrisGOAT View Post
    There should be vendors in at least Mount Hyjal and one of the Pandaria zones with appropriate leveled gear. Using them over heirlooms is not something I'd recommend, since the EXP is worth far more than slight kill speed.
    I just trade in some gear here and there as an additional +1 STR in low areas easily gives a 10% damage increase. It sometimes outweights the +XP by killing mobs so that I switch back to full heirloom only when turning in quests.

    Yet: Heirloom feels underpowered compared to its purpose.

    Quote Originally Posted by tetrisGOAT View Post
    This is interesting. And not something I'd paid attention to, since the WoD flasks and potions are the ones I've used throughout legion -- including in the Mage Tower challenge -- so I used them anyway. Mostly due to the fact that I never bothered with all the professions from Legion and because I kept having a surplus of a few 10s of thousands of them or so it felt.
    So was I when sending Flasks wrongfully to my alt and experiencing that the effects somewhat scale (e.g. my WoD Flasks is not 49int for my lvl 90). Overall the benefits are superb. Same I guess will apply to certain enchants, e.g. using an enternal belt bucket from WotLK on a belt from WotLK with sockets like gives you easily +18 additional STR and is wearable up to 110. There are several items with multiple gem sockets that could be used for this. Same with enchants on weapons, rings, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by tetrisGOAT View Post
    As for dungeon exp, doing it with randoms feels like a distraction and a trap. Doing it with two-four other people who know what they are doing and skips all the superfluous things and get lucky with dungeon queues (which can partially be manipulated so you never run into Dire Maul), they are very lucrative.
    The EXP is definitely there, but some of them have the "end boss" and "completion" exp set to trigger on other times than they are supposed to (eg, Lord Vyletongue rather than Celebras the Cursed). I was making way progress (one level per 7 minutes if my math didn't suck) in comparison to questing.

    Closing thoughts.
    I think the method-0 fix is entirely uncalled for. I think the expansion squish in the leveling scope was a great idea, but I think it needs to be made wider; the pacing of howling fjord is - to me - awful, for instance.
    You can also not fit an entire expansion into a leveling run so I would want the range of entry to be larger (eg, Pandaria 60-90), because it almost feels like you can only punch out one zone in, for instance, Pandaria before you leave again; I have yet to quest in a Pandaria-zone that was not Jade Forest. I realise I can leave sooner, but story/quest-wise it makes no sense.
    Exp req in the 60-80 range, to me, is fine. The pacing of questing is not.
    In an expansion named "Battle for Azeroth", I do not see how I should not be able to spend my entire 1-90 life (at least) in the actual two main continents of Azeroth itself, in the 1-60 and 80-90 zones of that world. Because to me, those zones are amongst the best.
    The 98-110 experience in Broken Isles feel great, the 90-98 experience in Draenor does not - not in terms of pacing, but the mobs are so much stronger than later progression. Still. Even (timed broken isles) invasion mobs that were outright difficult to solo at 109, crumble to dust as a 98; I could solo-kill the elite invasion bosses with time/boredom being the only major enemy. In contrast, even going back with my artifact weapon had me near struggling in Spires, if it weren't for the fact that I was leveling a healing spec.
    Leveling speed, which others have pointed, out seems tailored for Heirlooms. I have not done it without it but
    I remember also not having issues with Invasion after 8.0.1. with low level characters. This last part could indeed be one issue Blizzard forgot about - they did not just squish the itemlevel but also scale the difficulty of your environment with you (so you perform worse while your environment stays the same). Which makes invasions for lower level characters a lot easier (mobs have exponentially less HP and damage) than for high end characters (the environment scales stronger with your level than you do with gear).

    Quote Originally Posted by tetrisGOAT View Post
    I still prefer this questing experience (by a mile!) compared to pre-7.3.5, but I find the killings of the shortcuts for the super dedicated ridiculous and uncalled for, since those who make that effort is pushing in extra exp/hour went out of their way to do it and in no way became "mandatory for the player base en masse" or "was akin to exploiting" which are valid reasons I could see them objecting against. It was very niche and not game-breaking, so why not allow that type of fun? If dungeons are not meant to be lucrative, why have them? If raids should not always be in "legacy loot pinata mode", why not always allow legacy loot mood? Clearly this is implying people are supposed to run them within the level appropriate ranges. Does this seriously happen? Who puts together a Karazhan 10-raid in 2018, for level 70s? So why break Karazhan leveling?

    Questing to me was dreadful pre-7.3.5. It is now not only tolerable, but enjoyable. The fact that certain level ranges are a trap is still a disappointment, especially when they have no other outs.
    I agree on the part that some player might find it more enjoyable to see more from the world while leveling. And my best guess is that leveling via questing stayed pretty much the same from WoD to 7.3.5 to 8.0.1. Atleast I cannot find any major difference to the last time I leveled by questing only (besides ridiculous encounter HP and damage at some places). It highly remembers me of leveling during Vanilla (only paced faster at certain points and more clustered).

    However the short cuts that very dedicated player took to min/max the content e.g. for allied races are significantly reduced compared to the necessary effort. This includes dungeons as well. But the XP for doing these shortcuts never felt unjustified. The additional effort you had to perform Method-0 or running dungeons all day long (and enduring certain types of players) were paid off by better XP. It was also nothing the majority of the player base did (atleast not Method-0). Running dungeons on the other hand was the only viable option to interest players in playing tank or heal (as you had to play those to queue faster). The only thing that was malicious to this content was the overwhelming power and importance of heirlooms. But hey: those were a gold sink to level up some of your alts faster.

    Honestly I have no clue how they want the leveling experience to be. Personally I preferred WotLK and in some parts WoD. You got a certain routine and the more you played the faster you got (from my original 14h in WoD I got down to 8h just by optimizing bonus areas etc. without abusing treasures, boosting or such). Legion never had this feeling for me, as with every other patch the changed a lot of things. The last time I went into Highmountain I came out with 2 levels higher than during the original grind. Only had to due Highmountain and half of Stormheim to get to max level.

    In Short: If they want to go full flex content they should do so. The itemsquish they performed will be forgotten the first raid tier (itemlevel 350 compared to 285 now). They just leave a lot of burned land behind in the "not so well scaling" areas.

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    I'm actually on the complete other side of the fence as far as Heirlooms are concerned:

    * They are too powerful. Correctly (ish) itemised gear, with a huge, stacking additive Exp bonus on gear which does not have durability, no repetetive gold sink for transmog

    * They are the only option. +10% Exp, 1crit vs 3 str? Hm. This is not a trade-off. Are gem-slots exceptions? Heck yeah. But the heirloom gear is at worst on-par with any other gear. With a bonus +Exp. This does not balance make.

    * Not having them is a mistake. Nearly the same point as above, but aslo pacing. What am I going to do, not use heirlooms? That is not possible atm.

    * It trivialises gear when leveling. Only look at the gold cost of quest rewards? Check. Gear doesn't exist and you never have to think about it.

    * Gear enchants somewhat scales and due of the permanent gear can be put on said gear and give you a further boost at only the one-time cost, trivialising enchanting until max level.

    * It makes progression null and void in the actual real world since the scaling world introduced because your relative power always scales with everything else. You never start trailing behind and then get that quest reward weapon that suddenly bumps you up well and beyond the world. (eg, Verigan's Fist, Whirlwind Axe, Scarlet Monastery quest items from Vanilla)
    (this is the only point where I am actually excited about leveling characters in BFA, because the only progression you have after you get your last talent at lv100-120, is that heirlooms are not 4/4 yet and thus you can start replacing non-raid geared starting at 111, and others at ~114? Once heirlooms go 4/4, 100-120 is 20 dead levels of character progression)

    To draw a parallel to Magic (the Gathering), the only other game I play right now, you can't design a 10/10 for 5 mana without some drawback. 5 mana gets you a 5/5, otherwise what's the point? You can't design a Flying, Trample 6/6 for 4 mana without a drawback. If you are going to design a 7 mana creature with a game-changing upside, you better bet that that it will be a 4/4.
    So why are heirlooms the "no duh", answer to any question? That bothers me. I think they underdid the nerf to heirlooms and would be on-board with reducing their power (statline) to balance out that they are always relevant, reducing their +% XP in addition so that you are not punished by not having heirlooms and giving you options, and further reducing xp required in general to compensate and (again) to reduce the punishment for not wearing heirlooms.

    I realise probably no one of you would agree with this, because leveling is a hurdle to you, and the "game starts at max level". To me, that isn't so. I want to be playing a proper and enjoyable game up to that point. 7.3.5 was a great start, and was the first time I was able to quest 1-60 zones. (my previous attempts had me outlevel them almost immediately after starting)
    In vanilla (and thus up to and including WotLK), questing was pointless in exp/hour sense and effort of travel as compared to simply grinding and picking up kill quests when you were in the area anyway.
    In Cata, LFD was the proper answer. I quested through Outland only when TBC was current, never again after. I quested through Northrend only when WotLK was current, never again after, I quested through Cata when Cata was current, only Hyjal and Jade Forest in Legion. I didn't play MoP or WoD.
    So to me, this is the first time I'm seeing many of these zones questlines from start to finish without them turning grey. I am happy about this. Questing is finally worth doing in Wow!
    And I want to be able to enjoy it more than I am.
    But I also don't want to be forced into doing questing, because Questing is the only thing left that is efficient at all in this game --- because questing is horrible in general and far less fun than mindlessly grinding mob-camps like Vanilla had.
    What's the harm in having options? What's the harm in allowing people who enjoy PVP doing BGs to level with on pace with questing? LFD quicker, but at the cost of queue times (aren't dungeons supposed to be fun and rewarding)? Solo-adventures versus difficult enemies yielding appropriate boons? Or the effort put in, juggling two characters at once for method-0 and the rewards there-in? That's what I don't get.

    Also, my theory on the reason that invasions are less powerful now is that there will soon be a whole lot less people in those zones doing invasions, so you will be in need of handling them.

    And yes, I realise that I'm being quite contradictory, but that's me. I can't fight the human nature of doing things a certain way when I know it's the most efficient or not wear heirlooms for the same reason. Path of least resistance et c.

    EDIT: And let's not forget. You can still level to 110 in 30% of the time it took to level to 60 back in Vanilla. People think the leveling is slow now, but that's only because it was a mess pre-7.3.5 and pre-7.3.5 should not be the benchmark.
    In a vacuum, the leveling speed is fine.

    This however, you are free to clear up for me:
    Quote Originally Posted by Alduin View Post
    Yet this would bring us down from 18h (0 to 60) to 14h and from 40h (to 110) to 30h. This still is far from what I personally deem suitable (but its acceptable) for time being spent in outdated content (as around 25h of that grind apply to level 1 to 100).
    How the heck can you do 60-110 in (40-18=)22hours?
    I leveled my Warlock to 1-57 in 9 hours, and then it took me 30hrs 57-110 (ending at that same 40h you did). What the heck am I doing wrong once 60 starts.
    (I also disagree on the leveling content being outdated content, because by that metric it will never be relevant our "up-to-date" content.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by tetrisGOAT View Post
    i want to lvl my SM-skill
    since when heirlooms r the only option?
    ur complaint about heirlooms being to powerful for alternatives, giving to much xp and bla has a simple solution: just not use them, no matter how hard u try to argument around it.

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    The best solution for players that are levelling new allied races just for heritage gear should be to allow the heritage armor to be unlocked with a character boost.

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    IMHO Blizzard should just remove heirloom gear and instead give us 1 item (maybe a necklace or trinket) that gives you the 50% xp bonus. This way gearing up would at least stay interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertMugabe View Post
    IMHO Blizzard should just remove heirloom gear and instead give us 1 item (maybe a necklace or trinket) that gives you the 50% xp bonus. This way gearing up would at least stay interesting.
    At the end of BFA they should turn the Heart of Azeroth into an Heirloom that grants a major EXP boost for levels 1-110.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertMugabe View Post
    IMHO Blizzard should just remove heirloom gear and instead give us 1 item (maybe a necklace or trinket) that gives you the 50% xp bonus. This way gearing up would at least stay interesting.
    While I agree in principle that this would be a more pleasing way to do it, it also proves how binary heirlooms are. What's the trade-off? And where is the choice? From a game design stand-point, it is not engaging players.
    I get that heirlooms are a reward for having a capped character, so you can help your lowbies. Something to work for in that regard. But it removes that same progression/work from leveling characters.

    The more I think about it, heirlooms is making me realise what you all are talking about in regards to leveling as a hassle. With heirlooms, what is the point? You already have the same gear at level 1 as you will at 109, with scaling gear in a scaling world. Which makes the entire process an arbitrary time sink.
    Heirlooms, to me, stand out as a poor design choice that is only here because they are grandfathered in and we now are stuck with them.

    Back when they increased leveling speed in Vanilla zones in tbc, tbc zones in wotlk (et c, et c), I had that feeling of unrest, like even though leveling was sped up it felt slower.
    Because the significance of a level was removed. Instead of having sixty levels, the game seemed to have seven levels in cata, and each of those levels felt a lot longer than each of the sixty of the last system, less rewarding for each level. 1-20, 20-40, 40-58, 58-68, 68-80, 80-84, 85.
    With the removal of the talent system, this feeling intensified (and that change was what made me quit). A level was meaningless, which meant a chunk mattered. But each chunk took longer to get through than a level before.
    And now, I re-experience that due to world scaling.
    You guys have actually convinced me that the leveling system is outdated and obsolete. Sigh. Guess I am done with the game again.. I just started to enjoy it again.

    Anyway, no one wants to read my philosophy here, I should start a blog.
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    Just a PSA:

    In case you thought scaling would allow you to fight and stand a chance against players above your level? Don't. Just run. Or take the death and run back. You will NOT be able to win against a player that is higher level than you by about 4-5 levels at most. Anything past that and you won't be able to inflict enough damage to do ANYTHING besides make your death take longer.

    Maybe this is different from 110-120, I don't know. But from 20-110 so far, you can't fight anyone higher level than you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by tetrisGOAT View Post
    Rant, off.
    You hit pretty much everything on the head.

    As it is right now, the leveling process actually feels WORSE to me than before. At least prior to 7.3.5 we had the advantage of speed. And while I've argued during 7.3.5 that scaling added a new way to experience the leveling process, it was done within the context of having other options to speed things up if you knew what you were doing. Breaking the monotony of questing by farming dungeon trash was a good alternative. Method-0 was another decent alternative if you were willing to do the setup.

    But now? Now it's just quest or GTFO. And as many people have already rightly pointed out, questing is BORING. It's slow. It's dull. The enemy scaling is all over the place, and often times damage output and time to kill are just bad.

    Typical Blizzard arrogance. Play the way they want or leave. I never gave much credence to the idea that they're doing it on purpose to incentivize buying boosts, but now I'm REALLY starting to wonder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetrisGOAT View Post
    * It trivialises gear when leveling. Only look at the gold cost of quest rewards? Check. Gear doesn't exist and you never have to think about it.

    * Gear enchants somewhat scales and due of the permanent gear can be put on said gear and give you a further boost at only the one-time cost, trivialising enchanting until max level.

    * It makes progression null and void
    None of that is really a valid point, however, because as a player who's leveling with heirlooms, you've already done the progression! Bypassing and speeding up that progression is the entire point of heirlooms!

    This is why I feel that Blizzard has made a terrible mistake in scaling the entire leveling process under the assumption that a character WILL have heirlooms. By setting it up this way, you're actually PUNISHED for not having heirlooms instead of being rewarded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetrisGOAT View Post
    This however, you are free to clear up for me:
    How the heck can you do 60-110 in (40-18=)22hours?
    I leveled my Warlock to 1-57 in 9 hours, and then it took me 30hrs 57-110 (ending at that same 40h you did). What the heck am I doing wrong once 60 starts.
    (I also disagree on the leveling content being outdated content, because by that metric it will never be relevant our "up-to-date" content.)
    Regarding heirlooms:
    - they simply do not fulfill their purpose. Yes they were overpowered for a majority of the time (aka you got Naxxramas gear compared to blue gear, so 3 raid tiers above the normal curve). Most of the interaction of this gear with "normal" mobs was ridiculous and had to be nerfed in a certain kind of way.
    - the current state of heirlooms is obnoxious. You do not gain any benefit investing 20-25k per piece (x9 for a a full set) compared to the green gear while questing. Blues, greens, epics and heirlooms are giving exact the same stats for most of the content (the first small differences come up with ICC HC gear from Lich King HC which is ilvl 102 instead of 100, even in WoD content the max items from Archimonde Mythic are 155 drops while quest rewards are 138 - overall difference are +5STR and +6 secondary stats. Heirlooms at this level are just 136). Simming characters after MoP or WoD content with blue gear vs heirloom gear results in a difference of around 10% damage for one piece. The relative strength of heirlooms in comparision to blues is atleast en par, most of the time subpar.
    - the 10% XP bonus per piece in compare to a 10% damage bonus is NOT worth it when grinding. It however IS worth it when turning in quests/ pet battles /killing final bosses / looting herbs. Combatwise the blue quest items are more rewarding - you simply kill things faster. The BEST stat we could currently get is: +run speed for faster traveling, blue quest gear for killing, heirloom gear for turning in.
    - the best items to currently get are items with 3 sockets. THOSE items will exponentially increase your damage in combat situations and keep up on par with items 3 expansions ahead. This neck now is even BIS for any class scaling with primary stats (24 agility over all til cataclysm, after that it holds its ground til 110 as most of the necks only have the possibility to socket +10). This is only beaten if you abuse your archaelogy and go for 3x 10+ gems in (the only exceptions are weapons for melees and trinkets as WeaponDPS for melees and Trinket proccs scale differently in damage). Same goes for certain TBC items like (3 sockets, obtainable from an early quest). But socketing it keeps your damage high until 101 (if you buy or up until 110 where it EQUALS ilvl 164.

    This is no new strategy or knowledge regarding gear - we know this since timewalking was introduced and everyone went for maximum number of gems (and old set boni). And the current behaviour of interaction between character scaling - gear scaling and environment scaling is as bad as timewalking damage was when people used old sets/legendaries/maximum gems. I simply did not believe that heirloom would be below blues most of the time in a way that +XP on the gear is not worth it in combat (yes I lose 50% xp but I kill the same trash 50% faster - in blues). And as long as big XP comes from predictable sources (quest turnin, endboss, etc.) I can still switch back to XP gear and benefit of that too.

    And no - heirlooms should trivialize the content as you have done it already. If you want to re-enjoy it (like I do in certain parts) just use different gear or don't race to max level. For anyone else, heirlooms should provide a certain shortcut. And there simply isn't.

    Regarding the numbers:
    a) some areas are from different chars
    b) I weave characters meaning I always try to get rested XP on them before leveling. I am in no mood to rush the 25th character nor do I have the time to invest 6h straight into a grind. This should resemble the playstyle of a more casual oriented person and should be slower (spoken in general days) but quicker ingame (spoken in game time). This could result in your observed cut from the lvl 60-80 range especially.
    c) I try to turn in quests at certain hubs when my +15% standard is up.

    1-60: 18h, new character new realm no gold, heirlooms for most of the part. Unable to buy riding. I guess this can be shortened if you get riding up faster.
    60-80: 8h, mostly WotLK content with tag-teaming elite quests (e.g. Dragonblight and Arena).
    80-90: 6h mostly Hyjal and Pandaria again tag-teaming.
    90-100: around 5h spent in WoD with treasures, standards of cooperation, xp potiongs, bodyguard, farming in the garrision (lvl 3 mine and garden give around 120k a day in 8min), farming outdoors, some quests in Frostfire/Gorgrond/Talador, tag-team arena quest, artifact quest at 98. In WoD you could get to lvl 100 in 2h with pots etc. So yeah this is alot slower. Also: you get around 3k XP for herbs/ores at lvl 100 and some farming routes/places come close to garrision farming.
    100-110: 3h using heirlooms and invasion points (I only leveled via those). 3.5h using heirlooms and doing invasion points, Highmountain and Stormheim (half way).

    Regarding: " I also disagree on the leveling content being outdated content, because by that metric it will never be relevant our "up-to-date" content.) "
    Is there any relevance for "old azeroth", our burning crusade campaign, our wrath campaign, our "new azeroth" or mist of pandaria to our current content? No there isn't. There is no gear, no storyline, nothing a new player would skip that prevents him/her from understanding the current content. It is "outdated" in terms of: you either played it actively or there is no reason for you to care about (only exception being: some WoD items are still sold/used in current content as there are no replacements for goblin gliders).

    That's what I mean with "full flex content" - either your achievements and feats from WoD like your garrision or your artifacts play a role in the next expansion it is a completely unimportant for you. There would surely have been ways to allow us e.g. artifacts in BFA while capping their powerlevel. I would have been ok with relics being drops that would increase the itemlevel of the weapon. But at 116 we surely can trash them. Next to our legendaries.

    If Blizzard however keeps content like it is, there would be no problem to let everyone start after the class trials (without the necessity to boost). I really don't need to do my Loremaster of .. the third or fourth time everytime they release an allied race.

    Farming in Garrisions gives a decent amount of XP for short amount of time invested. My last time it was around 120k/10min but I also turned in a quest or two.

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    Update on fastest way to level to 120:
    - despite being prepared and using a guide to quickly finish zones it seems to be fact that running dungeons (with a dedicated group) results in 2-3x the XP/hour.
    - questing gave me around 1lvl per hour (around 800k). running a dungeon as DPS gave me around 20% per level. heal and tank colleague reported around 30% per level (which is kinda strange to me tbh). For dungeons like Atal'Dazar you can get 20% (30%) in below 8min (resulting in 140-150% (210-220%) XP) - using guild standards at the final boss gives another 15% on the finishing XP so basically 175% (240%). Some realms already have lvl 120 characters after 4h by running dungeons where outdoor was lvl 115 max.
    - scaling of mobs within instances seem to be faaaar less than open world. At 113 I had close to zero melee damage taken with my WL when I aggro'd a mob, outdoors I have to use Drain Life in ST. No idea of the behavior at higher levels yet. Same goes for our tank who had no issues at all in instances but has to use higher CD's in open world situations. Special encounters e.g. in Vuldun have around 400k HP while bosses in instances had around 300k. There seems to be something of with world scaling.

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    Level 80 at almost exactly 36 hours through straight questing with war mode on.

    Some caveats tho:

    Still not enough gold to upgrade past basic flying speed. This slows things down SIGNIFICANTLY. Cleared both Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra, as well as going into Terokkar forest to test exp/h. Borean is the clear winner. Both Terokkar and HF are sub-par. I'm thinking that Dragonblight will still be better than those, but sub-par to Borean.

    The 60-80 range REALLY needs better zones. Being overburdened with terrible outdated zone design is the biggest factor here. After 1-60, we REALLY should be able to choose any expansion we wish to go from 60-90. TBC/WOTLK/CATA/MOP should be allowed. Forcing players into TBC/WOTLK is a slog. It's terrible.

    Shadowpriest remains a terrible, uninspired, dull, and overall weak spec for solo leveling.

    Also, my heirlooms are still not enchanted, nor did I have gold to spare for potions or food buffs. This once again slows things down further.

    It's a good thing I'm using this as a baseline to measure and show the difference between playing "Casually" and really locking down all the advantages of fully optimizing and preparing your leveling setup. Otherwise I'd be really angry right now.

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