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    I like Guild Wars 2. I really do. I just wonder if it will be around in a couple years, still putting stuff out.
    Their Guild Wars 1 server which was released on April 28, 2005
    is still around so no, Gw2 is going nowhere.

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    I have been thinking about playing it for awhile now.

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    Been away aftet playing the first few months it launched. I really did like the game but couldn't make time for it. Think ill get into it more now.

    Got my old account back and started figuring out a thief build. Also made a human engineer, charr mesmer, norn hunter and asuran guardian for later.

    Going to take it slow. Level up, learn new things and explore whats left of the world since I last played. I had two old characters who gathered like 5 birthday gifts each. Those lvl 50 and 40 experience scrolls gave my alts a boost. The rare dye kits were wrlcome too. Wish i had left behind more alts!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stomination View Post
    I have been thinking about playing it for awhile now.
    Totally worth it imo. The game has such a unique look and feel to it.

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