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    There are plans to get rid of current worlds (realms) and bring temporary worlds with balanced population
    That would be cool. If it works I might be interested in WvW again. Always thought it was a shame such a cool concept degenerated into an unfun mess (in my opinion).
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    Nah nah, see... I live by one simple creed: You might catch more flies with honey, but to catch honeys you gotta be fly.

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    Last I heard they had around 3 million or so active players, and that was 2016? Can't imagine the game going anywhere anytime soon.

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    Yes, but it has doesn't have the "hardcore gamer" playerbase that WoW has, so be prepared for people who don't understand any gaming memes/references. It basically feels like GW2 is the only game they play, like they got recommended it by someone at work and that's the only reason they're playing.
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    GW2 may be around for a while, but I have serious criticisms about the game. I started playing during the 3-day jump start before retail release. The developers seem very keen to half-ass an idea, say it doesn't work, then move on to the next and leaving it unfixed. It's infuriating. The loot system is completely idiotic; for every 10 weapon skins added to the gemstore, one makes it into the actual game. The same can be said for armor sets as well. There is no interesting content when grinding for legendaries. Hell, there's not even lore behind any of them, save a few scant scraps for Nevermore and a couple of others. The personal story is awful. The living story has a few moments of "wow!" but scarcely any depth. I can't count how many times Wooden Potatoes has expressed his annoyance with the story, which is odd for someone so attached to the game. I gave up during Heart of Thorns, where the story seemed to progress in a meaningful way until the halfway point, where it made a bee line through the weak climax and lame resolution, forgetting everything that happened previous to it. Gold is obnoxious to make, unless you pay the gem store.

    Unless you like to grind for hours doing the same events over and over again so you can get skins to continue to do the same events over and over and waiting for the next mediocre addition to the story with single-minded zones, then sure, I guess guild wars is your game. The upsides to the game are the graphics and combat system, and elite specializations can put a fun twist on your character (at least when it's not supremely better to just go with the elite specialization), and exploring stuff for the first time can be enjoyable.

    FFXIV, while it functions mechanically similarly to WoW, still has a very distinct feel. The trouble with ffxiv is the first quarter of the game: The story picks up slow, the combat is slow, the dungeons are boring, the armor is ugly, the characters are kind of weeby, the classes don't have any kind of customization whatsoever (not even weapon choices). All of this can be very off putting. But when you start getting close to level 50, all of this flips completely on it's head and the game becomes incredible. You are still limited in your class customization, but the rotations become so long and complex that combat becomes interesting (I don't even miss class customization); if you're not satisfied with your class, you can swap to any class with the push of a button. You still need to level that class, but you gain 100% more xp while it's lower than your highest class. Your classes also have their own dedicated story quests. The main story becomes very real and very moving, and VERY consistent (especially when you hit Heavensward. My goodness what an amazing expansion.) The armor looks fantastic. One complaint that some people have is that everything is locked behind the main story. Literally everything. And there's hundreds of quests worth of stuff to get through. Personally, I didn't mind it, and now I know where everything fits in to the world as a a result of it. I've entered dungeons in WoW and GW2 and thought "What's this place have to do with anything?" Never had that thought with FFXIV. If those story quests are not your jive, you can still buy Jump potions at the Mogstation and skip all of it, including a level boost to 60 (cap is 70, so you still have to play through Stormblood stuff).

    The good news is that gw2 is free to play on the base game, while FFXIV free to play up to level 35, so see what you like. GW2 might win out if you compare the free content side by side, but FFXIV picks up and blows even WoW out of the water, at least for me. I'm just here to be a dissenting opinion so you can make your own choice. Best of luck!

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    I don't think you have to worry about the game going anywhere anytime soon. It is a fun game However, I'm currently on a break because I'm waiting for wvwvw updates and optimization. However, I just found Black desert online and it has more of the pvp that I want and also side progress of characters that I enjoy.
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    Why would anyone not play a game they might have the most fun with even if it's gone in 6 months or a year for a lesser game? Play it, enjoy it - if they bail.. at least you had some fun.

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    The trouble with ffxiv is the first quarter of the game: The story picks up slow, the combat is slow, the dungeons are boring, the armor is ugly, the characters are kind of weeby, the classes don't have any kind of customization whatsoever (not even weapon choices). All of this can be very off putting.
    That's a problem I had. Though I didn't know the game got better - a game that is off-putting at the start is usually a game I stop 2 hours in. Why wouldn't I, as far as I knew - the game was bad.
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    I just gave the game a try after years of taking a break and can honestly say I am having fun. Maybe they've fixed a lot since I last played 5 years ago, or maybe I just enjoy the casual pace more but overall its a solid experience. I am really hoping they keep pumping out a few more expansions. I would love to see even more elite spec diversity

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    I'm trying to play again on GW2 after a 1 or 2 years break, starting over with a new character (my highest lvl is currently 75 and I started playing on day 1). Let's see where this take me !

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    It's not going anywhere for a long time. It's never been more active as far as nicely challenging random open world play (meta events) goes, which it does better than any other MMO anyway. Endgame is cosmetics, QoL items or PvP. If you're into that, it'll hook you. I actually spent money in the gem store because there's enticing stuff, not because I'm pressured to do so in any way. It'll never be huge like a WoW, but it might even outlive that purely by living on its many rabid, money spending fans - like me.

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