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    OW isn't so much FPS, it's certainly a very important element but if you're familiar with MOBAs or MMOs you'll probably settle into things pretty easily as there's a lot of crossovers with those genres and a lot of heroes rely more on ability use than straight up flick or tracking aim.

    Give all the roles a try, but don't by any means assume that because you don't like one tank, that there isn't another tank you will enjoy; same for healers and indeed DPS. They all have pretty diverse styles and manners of doing their job, so there's a lot of working out what works for you. You'll also find that certain heroes are particularly bad when their counter shows up, so you'll probably want to work on something that's less effected for when that happens. Similarly if a hero on the other team is causing you big problems, knowing who can deal with them best is good to know. There's supposed to be a strong element of switching mid-match to counter and change strategy, even if it doesn't appear so from OWL; it does happen and it does work on the ladder.

    As for toxicity, there is a lot, it's very rare I use voice chat, but honestly in Gold where I play it's not used much anyway; and very often when it is, those trying don't know how to use it properly and it just causes more problems than it's worth. Maybe in Diamond+ people have those skills and can use it properly but for most it's not worth worrying about too much.

    You'll definitely encounter toxicity on some heroes more than others; Hanzo, Sombra, Widowmaker, and Symmetra are particular lightning rods (a lot of people would literally rather throw the match and lose than have you play them), while no one will ever complain about a 76 or Reinhardt.

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