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    Any decent HoTS forum around?

    I am looking for a decent HoTS forum with tactics, tips and various lively discussion sub forums. Anyone can recommend any?

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    The best place is probably r/heroesofthestorm. You'll find its more active than this forum, and the skill level is a bit higher. (Thats also a running gag: 50% of the people on that subreddit are masters. Or, they say they are.)

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    Reddit is a pretty good place, as mentioned above. I would also recommend You should also check out some YouTubers like Grubby, Kala, and NotParadox that bring some greater insight into how the game is played at the higher levels.

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    I would recommend watching Grubby streams/VODs. He's incredibly kmowledgeable about the metagame and the mechanics of each hero, and while he doesn't always play at pro level, he's always calm, untilted and casual.

    I can honestly say that he's made me a better HotS player.
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    I recomend watching KendricSwiss streams, he is also cool person in HOTS community.
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    IcyVeins is good for some general build ideas. I also recommend watching HGC or youtube streamers like Grubby or recently found out Alextheprog's yb channel where he records analysis of HGC matches. I found it really helpful.

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    Decent as in "no qm players around"? Hah, you chose the wrong game mate!

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