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    I actually had a friend that was ideologically set into playing with clicking and I really wanted her to play with me. So at some point we've found a solution - she played a healer with VuhDo and BAM! - we got into mythic during WoD and raided quite nicely. For other roles though, yeah, keybinds should go all the way, especially when tanking.

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    It's funny how easily people who have been gaming for years forget that having the coordination just to even use your keyboard and mouse in conjunction to move and attack at the same time is a relatively advanced and difficult skill for the vast majority of adults who aren't used to gaming, and WoW attracts a lot of non-gamers and casual players who aren't nearly as advanced as all that.

    When my Dad plays WoW, he will have to stop moving, look down at the keyboard and find his number keys in order to start hitting his keybindings, and he spends most of the time looking at the keyboard to make sure he's hitting the right keys. He's just got no experience playing PC games and doesn't have the hand-eye coordination or muscle memory to use both his mouse AND keyboard at the same time while also being able to look at the screen, be aware of his position AND on top of that have the headspace to memorize mechanics and pay attention to the timers and announcements on a boss mod. He's cleared LFR playing like this, but he would never get anywhere in Heroic. It's not like he doesn't try, but he would need a lot of practice and time but due to work and other commitments he only plays for like 2-3 hours one evening a week.

    It's easy to forget when you're a 16-25 year old gamer that not everyone is on the same natural level as you are, and things that seem "easy" for you are long established skills you picked up with time.
    Mostly this. Most hardcore gamers have a serious learning bias in that once they've mastered a skill, they totally forget what the learning process was like. And for most players it's a long, hard road to even get to the point where they're "decent" even with all the resources in the world available to them. I have over ten thousand hours of experience across multitudes of games which allows me to jump into almost any game I play and start deconstructing the system because all that practice has drilled fundamental game literacy into my brain. This simply isn't the case for the vast majority of the gaming community and they need time and effort learning and being coached with good advice.

    Then you have the players who just can't due to some form of disability. For example, my 72 year old mother plays because she love farming and with constantly respawning nodes and mobs she doesn't have to worry about running out of things to "pick up" after an hour or so. She has plates in both wrists and has trouble using the mouse and keyboard. I helped her learn how to use the mouse to run around and made a one-button macro for her BM hunter and bound it to most of the keys on her keyboard so she can just hit it while running around. She barely does over 200k dps, but she's okay with that and its fine because she only queues for normal dungeons and sometimes raid finder if she ever gets bored of farming. There are a lot of gamers out there who simply cannot live up to the "standard" of being the best at something which is one important reason why "casual" content has to exist.

    But then there's also the crowd that likes "play for fun" or prefers to "play my way". They're the ones I don't waste my time with personally because they're either stupid or lazy. I "play for fun" too, but my fun is in learning how the game is designed and using those systems to overcome the challenge. People don't buy movies and then put the disc in the toaster then claim they like to "watch movies for fun" so why would they waste more money and time doing it with games? It's fucking baffling. If you want to play yourself instead of playing the game just go write fanfic or something.
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