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    Quote Originally Posted by skorpio View Post
    Yea, Decard will crack this planet :P

    And Scroll of Sealing will warp him :P


    You saw nothing.
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    Laughed so hard when I saw his "stay a while and listen" heroic. Was 100% sure they would make something out if it and here it is

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    “They call me Ishmael...”

    I am so gonna play this hero!

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    The fact that they made him melee, instead of having him shoot a magic bolt from his staff or w/e, is hilarious. I like his potion mechanic, might make him really good on a map like Braxxis since it helps out your top laner a lot, without really weakening your 4 man too much. Only think that seems odd is that the gems are on different tiers, rather than pick 1, or maybe that actually makes sense.

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    Seems like a surprisingly solid character. I'm not generally a support player, but this guy looks like he could be a lot of fun to play.
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    As a support main, I'm extremely excited for Deckard Cain.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbamboozal View Post
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    He feels quite underwhelming, while i do like his zone control and denial tools. I just don't like the character that much and seeing actually good tools on him feels kinda wasted for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesoPL View Post
    Lorestorm is fun af! I love it! xD
    i can't call it fun seriously, but it's effective, very effective for what it does. All his tools can be described like this - they are very effective but they are not fun for me.
    Out of all zone control abilities in the game his are simply the best
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    If he shakes his staff and says Wolololo will one of the enemy team members join us?

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    I just remember this:

    Would be amazing if there was some reference to it.
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    Oh will deckard respond to Prime Diablo?

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    Why are they wasting time on this delayed april fools joke INSTEAD OF MAKING TIRION

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenjen View Post
    Oh will deckard respond to Prime Diablo?
    Wait...Prime Diablo came from Leah. Leah is Deckard's niece. Does this mean that Diablo and Deckard are family now? More specifically, does this make Deckard Diablo's uncle?
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    It's funny, Deckard Cain went from shitty meme to a hero that may actually get me back in this game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by De Lupe View Post
    Wait...Prime Diablo came from Leah. Leah is Deckard's niece. Does this mean that Diablo and Deckard are family now? More specifically, does this make Deckard Diablo's uncle?
    Diablo is Leah's father (kinda) and Deckard is her uncle, so it'd be more like brothers, no?

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