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    [H] 958 Frost Mage LF 12am - 3 or 3:30am PST Weekend Mythic Raiding

    .. or something very close to those times.

    Previously raided mythic in Cata Firelands (6/7) and Dragon Soul(8/8).

    Just came back for 7.3 legion after a break. Currently 11/11H (pug life..)

    31 years old.

    Not willing to go alliance. I am willing to server transfer.

    Hit me up btag Astrazar#1323 or in this thread.
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    I'll throw this out there as well:

    Anyone interested in raiding at this time? I'm open to starting a new guild. I'd be willing to faction transfer with this option if necessary.

    I'm now 3/11M as a side update.

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    any luck? I am also looking for something 12am pst or later

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