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    I really liked it too! Im gonna go for legendary today ^^ Any good setup tips?

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    Not sure about setups but Pharah is quite good with her AOE rockets which knock around enemies and flight.

    Bridgette is actually good with her stuns and knock backs + cleaving melee healing. Her ult is great in a pinch.

    Orisa is always great ofcourse. On the spot shields, anti-knockback for heavies, heavy fire and the yank in to clump enemies together or off cliffs. Plus her ult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annelot View Post
    I really liked it too! Im gonna go for legendary today ^^ Any good setup tips?
    Don't you need to do this on regular to get the achievements?

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    Retribution is... underwhelming at best.
    It's called Retribution... Underwhelming is Blizzard's current design philosophy for things with that name.
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    Finally finished Legendary yesterday and got the spray. Now I only need to get the legendary skins to get everything done for this event. I'm sure going to miss it though.

    I also withdraw my previous comment of having no "boss" at the end. Heavies are tough bosses. Troopers are the MVP in terms of deaths : no damage falloff and can headshot. >-<
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    I was thinking we were going to go on the mission, not just deal with the escape. But, that's fine.

    I just wonder why did Reaper join Talon if he hated them so much ... there has to be more going on with his character.

    I understand why Retribution is different ... the 4 heroes are 3 Offense and 1 Support while Uprising had 1 Offense 1 Defense 1 Tank 1 Support so the fights are going not to be geared the same way in mind.
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