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  • Story: I play till I've finished the expansion story arc.

    78 28.16%
  • Challenge: I play till I've cleared mythic (or some other personal goals)

    89 32.13%
  • Social: I log in to spend time with friends and guild mates.

    81 29.24%
  • Entertainment: I log in like I watch movies - whenever it feels like fun.

    116 41.88%
  • Dopamine: I know it's all about the dopamine fix, but I still log in for it.

    43 15.52%
  • Economics: WoW is cheaper than most other hobbies.

    55 19.86%
  • Other: OP should have included option for...

    64 23.10%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Question What keeps you logging in?

    We are at that point in the expansion when many take breaks, even if they've already pre-ordered and have every intention of returning for BfA. My guild continues to raid, though most weeks now we have to pug a few. One member of my M+ team is also on hiatus for the foreseeable future. I believe breaks are good and healthy, it's all a game anyway, and everyone should do what's fun for them. I am still logging in for now, but have been waxing philosophical this week about why.

    So... Whether you are currently on break or still playing every day, what motivates you to log into WoW?

    Poll is Multiple Choice, btw, as I know for many several of these apply.
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    Remember it's a game. Have a beer buff. Chill.

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    I don't.

    Disarm now correctly removes the targets’ arms.

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    I'm among those taking a break until July, when the pre-patch should be right around the corner.

    But say I wasn't on break right now, then I'd probably just kill time farming mounts, be it in instances or through the Paragon system. Last week I wouldn't have bothered quite as much but since an interview stated that there's gonna be new collecting achievements for mounts, I've got a few to grab for the 350 mark, which I'm assuming is the next step they'd be referring to.

    I wouldn't resub now just for that though, especially since I'd probably feel obligated to help out with raids as well and I don't care for having to spend a few nights a week killing bosses I've taken down a couple times already. More so because it would mainly be on Mythic, a difficulty I personally care little for. Too much effort for not enough feeling of accomplishment in my book.

    So just gonna enjoy my end of expansion break.

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    Chose a lot of them, I chose other to add "finishing up random shit before BFA" which also could be included in like half the other answers since it's multiple choice, so meh .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewmaster Kolee View Post
    So... Whether you are currently on break or still playing every day, what motivates you to log into WoW?
    After X number of years, habit.

    Also no pay-2-win mechanics. So as long as it's $15 a month for a sub, and the web shop is lame, I'll play WOW. Once the Web Shop has good things in it, and it goes free to play, I'll stop.

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    A lot of reasons for logging in.
    Weekly M+15, weekly Argus for legendary, daily emissary, daily PvP quests, weekly run of old raids (I want all tiers on my hunter main and still need some mounts), daily class hall alts for easy gold.
    In the long term: I need to finish leveling up all professions (3 missing), need to complete glory of Legion hero before expansion, want to get at least ilvl960 in every slot (missing head which is ilvl950), finishing my high mountain/nightborne rep on my hordie, getting an ilvl1000 weapon (achieved yesterday).

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    On a break now, but the thing that kept me playing the longest time this expansion was M+. The gradual and open ended difficulty, the practicality of getting 5 man and the direct impact each player has when the group is that small, the variation through there being many instances and affixes combined with the (very small) chance of getting some gear upgrade thx to TF made this fantastic content.

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    I log in when I want to have Fun. Be that doing a dungeons/raids/pvp/story/anything I feel is fun.

    I still don't understand why people would pay or even play something they don't find fun if its just going to cause them to complain on forums.

    I understand even less why people that hate the game would hang around it's main fansite.

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    The Steam Controller

    Ever since I perfectly set up how I want my Demon Hunter to play on that device, going back to regular Mouse and Keyboard isn't appealing at all.

    If support was removed for the Steam Controller, i'd cancel my sub.

    That's how nice it is playing with it.

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    I was being lazy and waited till the last moment to start mythic raiding in antorus. So now I am logging in pretty much all the time to keep up to date at least until mythic Argus is down.

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    Just friends until or if I manage to find a raiding guild.

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    Mythic Raiding. We are rather slow in progressung through the raids on mythic. we are currently at varimathras so we still have a lot left.

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    Story in combination with achievements/mounts farm since the story alone won't fill my playtime.
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    Right now I'm logging in because I'm having a mini break from FF14 after finishing my Eureka weapons.

    Playing a bit of Warframe on PS4 on the side as well.

    I'd say the biggest reason would be social and friends though.

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    Mage Tower mostly. On my last toon, takes a few weeks to gear one up and get it ready / learn how to play it, then I spend a week or two knocking out the challenges.

    I still run dungeons a bit, mostly just my raiding main and my current Mage Tower alt. I raid mythic twice a week. Beyond that I just do BGs really.

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    To get me white whale....

    Thar she blows.....

    /sails away in me pirate ship

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    I don't. After the fuck up at the end of wrath and cata I know to quit after doing the last raid because we ain't getting shit for a long time. Blizzard and bullshit all they want. But it is never going to change.
    Aye mate

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    Basically all the reasons mentined above. I really enjoy the game, I am raiding, doing dungeons, leveling my alts for expansion...

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    currently i just log in to lulz around in guildchat and do some guild dungeon runs for shits and giggles

    and im slowly lvling a highmountain tauren with every marker and noob help on the map off so im immersing in quest text and doing zones i've not visited after cata (hella fun btw)

    when im done with that tauren ill prob just log in on discord to troll during raids and cancel my sub till BfA

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    Nothing atm. Not logged in for 2 months, Fed up of WQs trying to get them despicable paragon faction mounts... which was all I mostly did outside of raiding.

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