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  • Story: I play till I've finished the expansion story arc.

    78 28.16%
  • Challenge: I play till I've cleared mythic (or some other personal goals)

    89 32.13%
  • Social: I log in to spend time with friends and guild mates.

    81 29.24%
  • Entertainment: I log in like I watch movies - whenever it feels like fun.

    116 41.88%
  • Dopamine: I know it's all about the dopamine fix, but I still log in for it.

    43 15.52%
  • Economics: WoW is cheaper than most other hobbies.

    55 19.86%
  • Other: OP should have included option for...

    64 23.10%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Mythic farm
    Mythic alt raid
    Hc alt raids (gearing alts in general for mage towers)
    Mythic+ (weekly 15 runs or pushing higher keys)
    Farming the plate World Defiler set (After 5 months of daily farming, only need 3 more pieces)
    Farming Garrosh Shoulders
    Farming Taesalach and Argus scythe
    Occasional mount/toy/tmog farms
    Class Hall Gold/AP missions

    Pretty much the reasons I log in.

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    Collecting certain Mage Tower appearances and the +15 tints that I want. Just missing 6 MT skins and one +15 tint (cba to do it on any of my other alts than my druid) at the moment.
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    After all of the money I poured into World of Warcraft, all the time I've spent learning about the lore and characters, all of time wipes on heroic difficulty raids, all of the thousands upon thousands of Dungeons I've done several times over. At this point, I just keep going because I trust Blizzard to give a satisfying conclusion to all of this. By the time Blizzard finally releases the last patch, the story completed, they can't possibly do more with it. I wanna be there. To see the culmination of all the time and money I spent playing this game.

    Plus, WoW is familiar. It's fun. There aren't many other MMO's out there that grab my interest much like WoW. I hear that Final Fantasy MMO is pretty good, but I guess I won't know until World of Warcraft is forcefully ripped from my hands, because like hell I'm gonna abandon this 11-year-old account for a game I might not even enjoy.

    Edit: Also, say what you will about Blizzard from gameplay standpoints, but they make damn fine characters and storylines. (Minus a few really bad examples Cough Warlords of Draenor Cough Garrosh Cough)
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    logging in?

    lmao people still play this game?

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    I play two maybe three days a week, it depends if I get some m+'s in on raid night or not.

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    I didn't play WoD or Legion at all really, I guess I'm subbed to the game currently in some vain hope it will fund the development of the coming Classic servers, regardless of how small of a contribution it might be. My guild that died in early MoP is still completely dead. Normally I would join a new one since raiding would usually be my main goal with the game, but my class has changed so much I hardly recognize it anymore, and I don't like the new playstyle at all. This demotivates me from doing anything but story quests and other solo stuff. I really liked Suramar, to my surprise. I will not touch LFR with a ten foot pole, and pugging is really not my style. And since the soloable stuff is starting to run out, and since world quests fucking suck and despite the game having become a literal gear shower, EVEN for solo players like me which I seem to have become, it still doesn't motivate me to really play anymore.

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    I don't, theres been nothing to do since the third week of Argus because I don't have the time to raid and thats when content dried up

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    Doing the weekly 15+ key with my Main and the Emissary Quests.
    But now ive switched:
    For me personally atm doing Achievements. Since pushing ilvl means nothing when BFA starts.Out of Motivation to do "some"Achievements for some Days now i cant stop it.Its pretty addicting tbh. Started at miserable 8000 Points now i am at 11.500. Well its still nothing but theres so much to do that i wont be "finished" with the Achievements till August.

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    The remaining 6 weeks on my account kinda keep me logging, I don't wanna waste. That'll leave enough time for me to find something else to do

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    I lead a RP guild. We make our own entertainment and adventures.

    Social is a big part of it too. We have strong ties. We have a real life meeting with 15 of us this summer.

    I'm also a collector. Mounts, pets, toys, achievements, transmog.

    And I am a loremaster. I enjoy knowing every little scrap of it.

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    The World of Warcraft Music..its very relaxing & soothing esp in Nagrand

    The Challenge & the Sport in Random Battlegrounds & Arenas

    The Community.. Talking with other players in trade chat.

    The Fantasy.. takes us away from the shit happening in real life.

    The Scenery & landscapes in Azeroth.. The Geography of Azeroth.

    The surprise.. getting an upgraded weapon or amour...sometimes its like Xmas

    My Characters.. my Babies.. My offspring off which I have put lots of time into.

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    currently i just log in to complete content and explore casual gamer..XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dankdruid View Post
    logging in?

    lmao people still play this game?
    lmao people still get banned on forums?

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    Story, Social, Entertainment, Other (Roleplaying).

    I'm also finally trying to grind out some mounts, pets, reputations, and transmogs for characters. Not spending a ton of time doing it, but it's something I put a little work in every day.

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    I don't log often because many ppl are burned out and don't raid anymore and we don't have enough ppl for m so raiding is limited to hc clear in 3 hours, thanks again blizz for removing 10-man max level content...
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    Still got friends playing a bit, do some M+ and 1 raid a week.

    Mostly I play because it's the best game do play while binge watching series, no other game is so braindead easy that it lets you win by only focusing 2% into it.

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    My addiction

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    Other - Game is still fun.

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    I like to just play. Pug random things, work on achievements, mog, play with friends.
    One thing that keeps bringing me back, PvP. I know this might not be a popular opinion and I admit the PvP is the weakest is has been in a long time, but I still enjoy it. I constantly hear "why dont you go play League or Overwatch for a PvP fix?". Problem is, ive played those games a lot and just dont enjoy them. Its not the same for me. I enjoy MMO based PvP. Ive tried a lot of other games with similar PvP (Tera, GW2, ESO, Swtor, etc), but most were either bad, poorly designed, or didnt do it for me. Even if the PvP isnt great in WoW, I still enjoy queing by myself or friends into random BGs and just racking up the kills.

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    Story, gold and PvP mostly.

    Story for obvious reasons, gold for buying other stuff like HS packs and I still enjoy PvP.. although casual BGs suck now.

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