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    Horde Returning Hardcore player LF High Aspiration / Low Raid times guild

    Hi all,

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post;

    I am looking to return to WoW after a break I took from pretty much the start of NH Mythic progression.

    Looking to join a guild that is [Horde] and raids 2 nights a week max for progression, and a guild that will fit the same dreams as mine, one that’s keen for progression, but also values life outside of WoW.

    My experience:

    I have raided since Vanilla, clearing all major content on the hardest difficulty across a number of characters, Hunter, Shaman (resto / Enh) / Rogue & Paladin (Holy / Ret). I cannot post links for logs or armory but I have put the /characters below for copy and paste.

    I am not looking to play any particular class or role for BFA, and happy to use my 110 boost on whatever you believe you will need when you know. One thing I want to make clear; I am happy to start raiding in Legion if required, but would need to wait for me to establish the character in terms of gear and knowledge of fights. I do not expect boosts or require them from yourselves, as I will happily put the work in doing that until you believe I can join raids without hamstringing performance.

    worldofwarcraft .com/en-gb/character/ravencrest/holsyy
    Warcraftlogs .com /rankings/character/15673749/10/#compare=1

    Anyone interested in having a chat my BTag is: holsy#2203 and my Discord is: holsy#6265.

    Thanks for reading again. -Chris

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    Hi there!

    AP is back in action after a long WoD/Legion hiatus. We are seeking the core to form the backbone of our BfA Mythic push. Raiding 2 nights only, while upholding great progress. I think we can offer you more than a simple raid position, we can offer you a home!

    Feel free to poke me on Waldon#2856

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