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    Red face So what do you think,?

    When you are doing alt and leveling up ! i know that people wish it was faster to level .

    well there was one guy who said he wished there was a way to bring out your alt and level them with your main ... ? i know that would not work.

    But what if like this I have a 110 Priest , She is exhalted with the cloud serpent over at mist of pandra , Well i had noticed . that when o gone there with my 110 Druid well i would receive Bonus rep points with it as being exhalted with my preist.. I really think they should do that all around and have the rep points account wide ... I mean if you make a alt you will still need to do the Quest but you would get double points from the start ? I think this would be a great plan .

    What say you ?

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    I don't really understand what you are asking. Is it to have a boost to rep on an alt if you have Exalted already on another toon?

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    You can RAF with yourself, but from what I hear it's been significantly nerfed since the levelling changes.

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    account wide reputation has been demanded for a long time but they don't make it that way for some reason meanwhile the whole reputation farming system is outdated and feels really tedious especially now, its like blizzard is thinking the opposite of the logical solution when it comes to reputation, you can see that from the argus reps, it's not even expected for players to go exalted with a single character let alone multiple alts

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