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    Top 5 boring classes:

    1. DK - Sorry, but I have tried playing dk alot since they came out, but it is just not fun at all. It is so damn boring.
    2. Rogue - Rogue can be fun when doing stuff that none do anymore, like sneaking around and sap people etc, slow down their leveling (not ganking btw, I don't like to gank gray players).
    3. Priest - Can actually be fun sometimes, but it doesn't last for long.
    4. Druid - Only fun with druids is to be resto, rest sucks so bad it hurts. (still blizz has the best "feral" gameplay of mmorpgs, no hate. Many people seem to enjoy them.)
    5. Paladin - My main class, it has nice sound and spell effects etc, but it isn't so fun anymore. But you know, once you go pala for real, there is no way back.

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    Any melee. Feels so shallow compared to ranged.

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    Monk. I dont know why, but i just kinda hate them.

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    All casters. I hate having to stand still for 2-3 sec in order to cast a spell.

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    I have tried and tried and tried to enjoy priests, shaman, druids, and monks, but just don't feel it.

    The absolute worst for me, though, is hunter. I don't really know why, but the feel of the class is terrible to me. I've tried since Wrath to enjoy playing a hunter and I just cannot do it.

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    Interestingly enough, it isn't a whole class, it is a spec.

    Going forward, into BFA, I will be maining a Resto/Enhancement Shaman. However, I would not be caught dead playing Elemental. It is so blah and sucktastic.

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    The only class I haven't levelled/played to/at max is Hunter. I'm liking the changes to SV so I'll be levelling one in BFA.

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    I have all classes at 110 and two 110s of priest, druid, warrior and shaman.

    Trying to get all of them to at least 930 ilvl and get all the mage towers done by the end of the expansion. It probably won't happen, but it's something to work towards.

    I'm finding it extremely hard to care much for my rogue and monk. At one point early in the expansion I was really digging on the mistweaver. Lately I don't really know what it is, every time I think about playing them I'm just like...'meh' Maybe race changing them would help, but at the moment I can't think of any combos that might motivate me.

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    Best to worst

    1. Warlock
    2. Monk
    3. Druid
    4. Priest
    5. Warrior Demon Hunter
    6. Demon Hunter
    7. Paladin
    8. Shaman
    9. Mage
    10. Death Knight
    11. Hunter
    12. Rogue

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    Demon hunter and Druid. Druid kinda takes the place because it has always existed. God I hate everything they have, except perhaps wotlk era tree.

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    Mage, Have one that I got to 80 and liked it a lot, but Now he is 85 and I don't ever see him getting any higher unless I get enough free level boosts to do it just for the hell of it. I just never got into the whole stand back and cast spells.

    This is the same reason I despise Holy priest, who want's to play a class that literally has a spell called Heal. I love my Resto Druid, jumping around hotting everyone running all over just for the hell of it.

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    Rogue, the idea of combo points has always been something that I can't get used to.

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    Druid, it always feels like a chore and I don't like forms.

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    Well let's see here, from fave to least fave!

    1. Shaman - First (and only lol) class to 60 and managed to be on the lower end of a decent Resto Shaman ;D

    2. Paladin - First class I created and leveled to 20 before switching to horde for that juicy Shaman. Probably gunna make a new one for BFA. I love having the option to heal. And I might try tanking next expac.

    3. Rogue - Was my alt in vanilla but only really got him to 25 back then. Sitting at 100 now.

    4. Warrior - Up until WoD I've loved having an alt Warrior but I don't ever think I'd seriously play end game with one.

    5. Druid - I haven't actually begun leveling one, ever. But I love their class fantasy. Though I worry that they may be too cumbersome for me.

    6. Mage - Love the iconic Mage class. Never leveled them much though. Possibly because of having 3 DPS specs (even though Rogue is #3 for me...)

    7. Warlock - Face melting fun, for sure. But not too big on their class fantasy. Been playing my 56 one recently and having fun though...

    8. Hunter - Not too fond of having a pet, never really felt like leveling one past 25

    9. Priest - I had one in Mists and wasn't really sure why I kept playing it, it was never that much fun.

    10. Death Knight - Meh. I have a hard time caring about playing one. Just don't find them interesting.

    11. Demon Hunter - A joke of a class and insanely boring. I don't care about their lore at all.

    12. Monk - Even more of a bore than Demon Hunter. I could never enjoy the playstyle or their lore. Monks are such a snooze fest for me. I cannot take Monks seriously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanknasty View Post
    1. Rogue
    2. Shaman
    3. Druid
    4. Warlock
    5. Hunter
    6. Warrior
    7. Paladin
    8. Monk
    9. Demon Hunter
    10. Priest
    11. Death Knight
    12. Mage

    Never could get into the mage.
    1. Warrior
    2. Shaman
    3. DK
    4. Warlock
    5. Paladin
    6. Hunter
    7. Druid
    8. Rogue
    9. Mage
    10. Priest
    11. Demon Hunter
    12. Monk

    I never got the hype of Monk and Demon Hunter. Both seem lame to me personally. Though Demon Hunters double jump and wings are really cool.

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    I enjoy all the classes, but one, Priest, I have played every class and enjoy all, some more than others, Priest I just can't.

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    Mage and Shaman.

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    I have no issue with classes as a whole, I have an issue with their resource systems. Particularly Runes + Runic Power, Maelstrom, Rage, Insanity and Energy. Those ruin their respective classes and/or specs for me. A resource should be a limiter but not an inhibitor. I could go on about my thoughts but no one cares anyway.

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    Only class I can't seem to get into regardless of how many times I've tried over the years is Priest.
    Managed to level just about everything else, minus a Demon Hunter. But Priest never seems to click.

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