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    Will templates remain in bfa ?

    Title says everything. Will templates renmain ? Personally I love this system. I dont have much time to play and farm, just a few games every night, but I havert found anything on this topic .
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    All i've read so far is they aren't happy with the current template system. if anyone has read anything further i'd be curious too.

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    We don't know yet, my guess is that pvp gear will matter again and that the templates will be removed, atleast i hope so!

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    Sure hope so. Never was pvp so balanced like it is now. Just look at the arena ladders. Almost every spec is there, some more some less ofc. But before that there was always a huge gap between representation of specs. Or just join a random BG, there is not a class that falls behind. Now you can always tell if someone is good or not.

    The only problem I had in Legion with PVP is that in WPVP there were no templates and getting gear through PVP content was the worst thats possible. I still don't get what was wrong with the old honor/conq system. Nobody complained about it...

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    Currently attacking the PvP Dummy in Stormwind activates templates. So they are still in place. But could be a relic of the past.
    With the new war mode however, it might change somehow as open pvp is totally broken currently and because of templates not balanced around having gear.

    That would make the warmode obsolete.

    Blizz said PvP testing will start soon, maybe next or the build next to it we will get a clearer picture, currently there aren't even pvp talents.

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    I hope they remove them. I can accept and ilvl normalization so that gear doesn't make such big difference, but I'd like to be able to gear for e.g. haste.

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    I really hope they remove them. Miss when the gear was a viable thing in PVP.

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    I hope it goes. Lord knows my Mage is tired of the template. Lowest Hp and still hit like a wet noodle because of shit stats, in comparison to my warrior who demolishes pretty much everything.

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    too hard to tell
    i dont like templates, but i also have came to not really care about them that much

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    I'd like a modified template, where it adjusted the percentage of stats based on your gear. If you went in with a high haste set, it'd give you more haste. Or a lot of crit on your gear would give you more crit.

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    Fuck templates, they ruined the fun in gearing up with honor / conquest and the customization that you had on your stats. They also ruined duels, now you don't see anyone dueling in durator because of these templates that don't work on duels, causing them to be a clusterfuck.

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    Remove templates.

    For low geared players boost up their stats once they enter instanced PVP by scaling them up a bit more than they did in WoD/Legion. That is the same scaling tech they used to boost players stats and gear in world PVP situations when you wearing PVP gear in WoD. So now they can do it with any gear really but the downside is they don't want people cheesing PVE mechanics out in the world by flagging for world PVP.
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    I'll trust blizzard over your assessment. They've been doing this for a long time. It may very well be that your class is nerfed in which case, your class will feel as if it doesn't work correctly.

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    Ion said multiple times that instead of templates they will use ilvl scaling in PvP. Gear won't matter that much still but you will be able to build stats like you want.

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