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    Alliance Which Alliance race is best for Arms Warrior?

    I'm planning to level a Warrior and I play a race based on racials and wondering which is the right choice to play.

    I play casually so mostly LFR and Normal, maybe a bit of Mythic dungeons. No PvP

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    From a min/max perspective, Human is always going to pull ahead because their racial scales with better and better gear, especially with how Arms stacks Mastery right now. Otherwise more races are within a 1% difference of each other, so if you're going to stay casual, pick the race with whatever animations you like best.
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    Looks like Void Elf according to the compendium.
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    Gnome gives 1% haste which is useful

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    Void elf for arms, gnomes for fury, gnomes again if u want to be awesome in general

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    They have the biggest beards

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    Female Humans, those attack animations <3

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    Looks like Void Elf according to the compendium.
    This. Just check in Arms compendium if you're interested in getting the absolute max out of your warrior. Personally I race changed into Human after coming back to Legion, because of the rep bonus. I'm a casual player and that's what really matters to me at this point

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