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    They need to cycle in new devs to keep the game from stagnating. They have a whole new roster of artists, so why not team leads? Need fresh ideas in charge.

    But the people who defend them to the bitter end will always equate high MAUs to perfect game design (instead of addiction).

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    I dont agree that we are worse then Vanilla, because Gameplay in Vanilla was just really boring for majority off Speccs..welp some People enjoyed that i suppose. But i agree with the rest. I also think that Legion Class design overall isnt bad, quite fun for me personally actually, but the flat out removal of the Artifact Abilities and Traits( The golden ones mostly) is something i just dont agree with( Exept Demo lock since that Thing is getting reworked again) Honestly, Blizzard should´ve just let us keep the Artifact Abilities and either bake the Golden Traits into existing/affected Spells or just add them as baseline Passives..but thats just me. For BFA i think its good to be concerned, but i personally reserve my judgement since we are lacking a ton of information like all/majority of the Azerite Armor Traits and the classes on Alpha have literally the worst Gear possible. And we all know how much worse Speccs feel with no gear whatsoever. At the end of the Day i will enjoy it no matter what since i stopped being bothered by the Things i dislike and instead make sure i have the best Time and Enjoyment with the Things i do like. These are just my thoughts tho so sorry for Grammar/Spelling Errors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pheraz View Post
    That's correct. I have the almost exact same keybindings on all my 12 chars (except healers maybe).
    THIS ! Someone who plays only melee classes xclusively.. ive never had to move around key binds ever, apart from maybe 1 or 2 extra skills here and or there. Eg: The rogue having more abilities than a Warrior having more than a FDK. - But the primary binds remain the same.

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    Not so much stagnated as over-engineered. Personally I wish class design was a little more stable from expansion to expansion.

    If there's anything about class design that I really dislike is that they shift the deck chairs around every expansion. I think I agree with all so far who have noted that balance through homogenization is ultimately boring over the long run. Class fantasy needs to go deeper than just back story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    They are fixing it though.

    SV has a few melee abilities and is becoming a hybrid. Serpent Sting and a few other abilities are becoming ranged now if I recall.

    Personally I'm glad they are still trying to commit to some form of a melee Hunter. There are 2 other ranged specs to choose from. There is no harm in revamping one of them into a melee or a hybrid spec.

    For me Survival was clunky as hell at the start of Legion. Compared to 7.0 it feels a lot better right now.

    My point was you can't correlate sub loss to one huge thing. People leave for different reasons. Don't enjoy the game anymore, class design is probably one, real life commitments and so on. Unless you can safely say the majority quit because of class design all people have to go on who claim that is wild speculation.
    If they want to fix it give me a SV close to Wrath- MOP (even the crap wod version would be better)
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    The issue with Survival was that it tried to be 50 things at once. Was it a survival spec, or a mech/gadget hunter, or was it a fight alongside your pet hunter, etc.

    It had a lot of cool ideas but they all felt conflicting. Feedback did have a role to play because when Blizz said "Melee hunter", ppl demanded the kitchen sink.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerovar View Post
    Yeah, I feel you OP. It's weird when they remove many abilities and two expansions later they still haven't filled the void. I really don't know where Blizzard is going with their class design but for me one thing is certain: It's getting less enjoyable with every expansion since WoD.
    feel 100% the same way.
    Had been hoping this upcoming expansion would finally turn the corner
    Remain convinced once they revisit the Classes in a proper way its going to help them and
    the community so much.

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    IDK if stagnant, but it sure has been getting worse and worse since at least Cata. The thing is that in the old days, you were given a complete class so that you could do [email protected]#$ around at will upon reaching the level cap. Today, at level cap you don't get but half or two thirds of a spec (not even a class) and have to grind the rest, thus padding those sweet MAU meters and ensuring that Ion gets those fat paychecks.

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    I feel that class design has been on the wrong path for a while and BfA is a good step in correcting it. I think if you play a certain class it should be unique with very small overlapping concepts, the biggest being melee or ranged. If anything, we need a very friendly alt system that allows the player to change between classes without a severe tax such as Legion's AP system. This would possibly give the devs an opportunity to bring classes unique concepts. As far as class fantasy goes, it's neat and all, but let's say a fury warrior...probably would've been fine gaining the positive effects from enrage without the %dmg taken increase and of course not having a boosted HP pool.
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    Umm, no.

    /10 char
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