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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyandor View Post
    Yeah, it is definately a waste of a grip to close the gap when your opponent still has all counters. Same can be said about wraith walk. Don't waste the important resources. So many people misuse these. It's just asking to get yourself ripped a new one.
    Every melee without charge/root/stun will have a hard time against moving targets. DK SLOW got no root-component anymore is countered by any other slow and there is no root escape available. Your only uptime on the target is direct after death grip and in the first SLOW seconds - as Frost DK you dont even have range attacks for DPS.

    WoD Unholy DKs were the "faster" melee specs (+10% perma speed + DeathsAdvance CD) and you could glyph your SLOW with a ROOT ability and STILL, kiting a DK was the easiest thing to do in WoD.

    Legion took away SPEED, SPEED CD and ROOT from all DK specs, so it is not surprising if players are forced to use their gap closer spells at the start of any fight to be able to use any melee attacks at all.

    Since PvP is dead in legion and many participating in arena/RBG are just there for transmog reasons, there is rarely anything to see but Patchwerk-PvE-DPS till your elite rating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phookah View Post
    Pretty sure they meant in the sense of utility in raid situations since this wasn't posted in pvp (and something tells me blood dk's aren't killin' it there)

    It isn't "the only balance issue" (what ridiculous hyperbole) but it is one. They should just make raid mobs immune to grip at this point.
    The OP necessarily must be talking about PvP, because you wouldn't try to counter a death grip from your own raid member.
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    Lol you kidding me? More than half the time dg is used on someone, they're immune to it. If anything, dg needs a buff for pvp. Useless fucking ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHUMEGGAH View Post
    Warrior: Heroic Leap
    Mage: Blink
    Druid: Dash, Displacer Beast (if talented), if Wild Charge is talented in Balance spec (and moonkin form) you leap backwards
    Rogue: Vanish, or Sprint away, if Outlaw use Grappling Hook
    Demon Hunter: Fel Rush, Vengeful Leap, Infernal Leap (if Veng)
    Warlock: pre-emptive Demonic Gateway placement, pre-emptive Demonic Circle teleport, Fear chain with a Burning Rush combo
    Priest: Fear and sprint away via Angelic Feather or PW:S talent that increases movement speed
    Monk: Roll, Flying Serpent Kick if WW
    Hunter: Disengage or Aspect of the Cheetah (or combo of both)
    Death Knight: Wraith Walk
    Paladin: Divine Steed, even Divine Shield and run away if needed
    Shaman: Ghost Wolf with a combo of slowing totem or even stunning totem

    Literally each class has a way to counter it already. It's up to the player to know their enemy and time what abilities they use.

    I assume you just recently got wrecked by a DK so I'd recommend to bait out the burst in the beginning, have him waste his Death Grip THEN use your mobility to counter it.
    DK's deathgrip is a gapcloser that in 1v1 is fine. In groupplay however it's power increases. Where a warriors leap brings him to the ranged character, the DK's brings the ranged character to him and his party so it's twice as effective.
    Generally gap openers don't stack like closers do. For casters it's often bad to even have one melee on him due to; armour, lowCD spellocks and spellpushback on dmg.
    If a melee charge and the caster blinks the other melee charges and he still has the issue of a person on him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tanthoris View Post
    But honestly I agree with your point, make raid mobs immune to DK grip. My guild uses our blood DK as a handicap on fights like coven and aggramar, it's dumb and bad design that a whole mechanic can become ignored because 1 class has some ridiculous utility that can nullify the threat of a mechanic. That's not just about DK grip, it's also stuff like rogue's being able to feint away half of the raid spells from KJ, mages being able to blink thru death beams without dieing, etc etc.
    For me the most awesome raid utility is Deathgrip, seems so unique and very usefull in many ways for raiding.
    I don't agree with your other examples those are more unique class benefits that dont benefit the other raid members. In MoP their was something to be said about mages Iceblock / Greater invis and priests 90% dmg reduction ability back than.
    I do think another class with a spec should get a similiar feature. Best thing i can think of is arcane mage getting blackhole, but that would be more on par with Demonhunter seal. I have no idea how utility changes in BFA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgottenone View Post
    Your idea, your job lol. That said they have some CC once they grip you but it isn't horrible by any means.
    Well, my PvP role includes countering when someone tries jumping me, hence, CC's.
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